WSOPC – Natural8: Aleksey”ImLuckPads” Savenkov, Sihao”Mr_3rdBullet” Zhang, & Pulkit Goyal Triumph Table Bands; Mini Main Event down to Closing 9 Headed by CallMeBatya

Another beating week in Natural8 using the World collection of Poker Winter Online Circuit Series surpassing guarantees and awarding more rings. The most recent winners were Aleksey”ImLuckPads” Savenkov, Sihao”Mr_3rdBullet” Zhang, along with Pulkit Goyal. In the WSOP #6: US$ 170 Mini Main Event, Day two wrapped up together with the last 9 players headed by Russia’s”CallMeBatya”.

With all these players that are new, which means five of those 18 WSOP circuit bands have been maintained, one each for its states of Uruguay, USA, Russia, India, and Luxembourg. The show kicked off on December 13 and will run till January 10. A gigantic 100 Million Dollars is ensured in joint ring occasions and unwanted events. Up to now, US$ 12,373,915.20 in ring occasions and US$ 31,842,088.60 in negative events are paid out. More rings and money to be obtained. Essential events to indicate down would be your Christmas PLOSSUS, New Year COLOSSUS, along with the star appeal, the US$ 1,700 Main Event US$ 10 Million ensured.

For gamers up on Natural8, thrilling incentives have been lined up in the event you winner any of those ring occasions. Players can gain from US$ 5,000 into US$ 50,000 at WSOPC LiveX Live Event Sponsorship. For new players, then be certain you join on Natural8 to also avail of their newest player incentives. We have got all of the information under for example recaps about the occasions tabled.

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Besides winning occasions, the WSOPC Player of the Series race can be penalized in which a whopping US$ 100,000 will be given to the leaderboard leading 100 in the close of the collection. The participant with the greatest points accrued will get US$ 10,000. Currently foremost is Pascal Hartmann using 8,815.06 points.

WSOPC #1: BIG $50 — ALEKSEY “ImLuckPads” SAVENKOV — US$ 168,810.38

Aleksey Savenkov. Charge: partypoker LIVE

The show kicked off with all the most inexpensive occasion in the menu, even that the BIG $50, also as anticipated, it pulled everybody out of the woodwork to get a last tally of all 31,291 entrants. This frees up the US$ 1M promise to some heftier US$ 1,439,386 decoration pool of that 1,600 players (5 percent ) got a share. Day two shut with just 9 staying from this 3,345 qualifiers. The episode resumed last Saturday, finishing with Russia’s Aleksey”ImLuckPads” Savenkov gearing his very first WSOP circuit ring and a career high US$ 168,810.38 payout.

WSOPC #1 — BIG $50

Savenkov includes a rather youthful bio in The Hendon Mob with dwell cashes dating back just 3 decades. In 2018he made his initial five digit payout of US$ 18,507 because of his 19th place finish in the EPT Sochi Main Event. This was his biggest money until he sent the BIG $50. His triumph fattened his WSOP complete career winnings out of US$ 21,802 into US$ 190,612.38.

Event Details:

Purchase at: US$ 50
Warranty: US$ 1,000,000
Entries: 31,291
Day two Qualifiers: 3,345
Prize pool: US$ 1,439,386
Payout Source: 5%
ITM: 1600 areas

WSOPC Number 1 — BIG $50 last table

Closing 9 Inspection

The last table got underway using Russia’s Aleksey”ImLuckPads” Savenkov supported by a big chip edge and China’s QY707 in 2nd place. The two players remained high up during and finally confronted for the name. Before beginning, they all had their share of workouts. Over the first hour of drama, QY707 maintained his first of 3 sufferers within fellow countryman PhD_Don whom he booted in 9th location. Minutes later, ImLuckPads railed btn_clicking! (8th), subsequently Otto”D00MSWITCHER” Lemke assisted out by denying incloudzly (7th).

At six staying, QY707 proceeded to a popular streak, scooping up many large baskets which ended off FreddieKadur (6th) to take the lead. He jumped to collect over half of the chips in play following hammering out Adam Bonk (5th) and if it appeared that he had been on a direct path to success, QY707’s match went chilly opening the doorway for ImLuckPads along with D00MSWITCHER. ImLuckPads stripped fellow countryman party_maker1 (4th) because of his next four busts, also D00MSWITCHER won three semi annual baskets off QY707. D00MSWITCHER took the lead for the very first time after doubling off QY707 onto a plank 5cAd10d2dKc while holding Ah2h 2 couple above 4s4d together with the shoves found on the flip. But such as QY707, D00MSWITCHER had trouble on very top, losing several pots to opponents to fall down in position and drop in 3rd spot with 9c9s not able to decipher ImLuckPads’s JcJs. This caused heads up using ImLuckPads supported with a big guide that QY707 could not conquer. On 119th hand of the last table, the previous hand has been tabled. ImLuckPads controlled with 10s10h above 8c8d.

Final table payouts

1st Aleksey Savenkov”ImLuckPads” — Russia — US$ 168,810.38
2nd QY707 — China — US$ 120,745.42
3rd Otto Lemke”D00MSWITCHER” — Germany — US$ 86,369.16
4th party_maker1 — Russia — US$ 61,779.91
5th Adam Bonk — Poland — US$ 44,191.19
6th FreddieKadur — Israel — US$ 31,609.98
7th incloudzly — China — US$ 22,610.54
8th btn_clicking! ) — Cyprus — US$ 16,173.28
9th PhD_Don — China — US$ 11,568.79

WSOPC #4: $800 Monster Ranking No Limit HoldCeltics — SIHAO”Mr_3rdBullet” ZHANG — US$ 140,472.30

Sihao Zhang. Charge: PokerFirma

The initial Asia time favorable occasion was that the US$ 800 Monster Stack No Limit HoldCeltics yanking in 1,395 admissions for a different guarantee blasting decoration pool of US$ 1,060,200. Following a very long ten and a half an hour or so of play, Luxembourg’s Sihao Zhang remained true to his nickname”Mr_3rdBullet”, which makes his third bullet that the lucky charm. He sent the name, the WSOP circuit ring, along with also the US$ 140,472.30 first trophy. This really was Zhang’s first known championship victory and biggest tournament rating.

WSOPC #4 — $800 Monster Stack No Limit Hold’em

Purchase at: US$ 800
Warranty: US$ 1,000,000
Entries: 1,395
Prize pool: US$ 1,060,200
ITM: 233 areas
Running period: 10 hours and 38 minutes

Seven hours player”hangren” delivered a debilitating setback to”shreeOHM” on bubble period when QdJc both paired to decode AsAh. With cash ensured, the very first to dip from the jar has been just two time WPT Asia Online Series winner Loris51 at 233rd place immediately followed by a series of workouts. One of the top 100 at the currency had been Vincent”Peleus34″ Li, Arthur”meiiYunqi” Conan, bracelet / ring holders Brian Green, Ravid”jerbi9999″ Garbi, along with Christian Jeppsson. A half an hour later, it had been down to the last two tables using 16 staying headed by Brazil’s Maicon”21_Pirlo” Gasperin. 21_Pirlo held standing till Mr_3rdBullet removed three players that comprised Guillame Nolet at 10th location.

WSOPC #4 — $800 Monster Stack No Limit HoldCeltics closing desk

The last table conducted for almost 1 hour with processor leader Mr_3rdBullet controlling the activity throughout. He also railed six players onto his route to success starting with Korea’s Seungmook”7high” Jung (9th) with As8s spiking the eight to five poor defeat AcQc. After Promoking removed Edeskie (8th), also 21_Pirlo ousted Kevin Pu (7th), Mr_3rdBullet drained out the remainder, ballooning to over half the chips in play once he refused Pur3WiT’s JcJd with Ac7c Ace on the flop. ) Wei Zhao also fulfilled a challenging autumn with 4c4h counterfeited by Mr_3rdBullet’s Ad2c to a plank 5c8c5s3c8s. After sending 21_Pirlo outside at 3rd place, Mr_3rdBullet entered up the heads around backed with a 5:1 chip edge contrary to Andrew Xu. Even though Xu Unbelievably trimmed the gap to 2:1, Mr_3rdBullet had luck on his side after his Ac8h enhanced to excursions eights to overtake QdQh and catch his first WSOP circuit ring. ) This is the very first ring for Luxembourg that collection.

Final table payouts

1st Sihao”Mr_3rdBullet” Zhang — Luxembourg — US$ 140,472.30
2nd Andrew Xu — China — US$ 105,338.73
3rd Maicon”21_Pirlo” Gasperin — Brazil — US$ 78,992.94
4th Wei Zhao — China — US$ 59,236.37
5th Pur3WIT — Andorra — US$ 44,420.95
6th Promoking — UK — US$ 33,311.07
7th Kevin Pu — China — US$ 24,979.79
8th David”Edeskie” Cowling — Canada — US$ 18,732.15
9th Seungmook”7high” Jung — Korea — US$ 14,074.14

WSOPC Number 5: $600 Pot Limit Omaha — PULKIT GOYAL — US$ 82,052.44

Pulkit Goyal. Charge:

India additionally gained its first win that show once Pulkit Goyal defeated a shortage up at heads to conquer South Africa’s Rage Monkey1. Goyal hurried away with all the WSOP circuit ring and also the US$ 82,052.44 initial decoration. This is Goyal’s biggest known career triumph.

WSOPC Number 5 — $600 Pot Limit Omaha

Purchase at: US$ 600
Warranty: US$ 500,000
Entries: 1,041
Prize pool: US$ 593,370
Payout Distribution 15 percent
ITM: 179 areas
Running time: 9 hours and 49 minutes

Following three hours and 20 minutes of late enrollment, 1,041 took attention from the very first PLO occasion of this string to get a warranty blasting decoration pool of US$ 593,370. A generous 15 percentage earned compensated, one of them were well recognized experts and WSOP adorned players like Dario Sammartino, Toby Lewis, Simon Lofberg, Yuri Dzivielevski, Ryan Riess, along with Davidi Kitai to mention a couple.

two-time bracelet winner Fedor Holz went until an expensive twice up to participant”dagidagii” delivered his stack at the hazard zone and outside in 38th spot to subsequently processor pioneer Andreas Christoforou. Uruguay’s Fabrizio”UknowWhoIam” Gonzalez also went deeply, leaving in 26th location. In 18 staying around 3 tables, Christoforou started to nosedive whilst Rage Monkey1, Pulkit Goyal, also 1bloodflood soared. Christoforou fulfilled his end at 14th spot to Goyal. With 12 staying, 1bloodflood removed pokanuktus (12th) and CDARWIN2 (11th), Rage Monkey1 ousted D@rk_M@tter1 alongside form the last table.

WSOPC #5 — $600 Pot Limit Omaha

The struggle to the ring took almost two weeks. Leading up to this last showdown involving Goyal and Rage Monkey1, the two gamers resulted in the downfall of the others. Goyal booted three players — Eduardo Pires (9th), SlonoSarSki (6th), also 1bloodflood (4th) — and also Rage Monkey1 took two — boryan4ik (5th) and also Rossz (3rd). Rage Monkey1 entered heads up using chips and cried”when I could capture 77K along with the ring, then I will cope”. After taking a look at the ICM amounts, Rage Monkey1 diminished and play . Rage Monkey1 retreated into a 4:1 edge but could not shut it particularly with the typical stack still in a top 52 BB. Twenty minutes later, the tides changed. Goyal grinded into the chip lead and constructed a 2:1 edge. From that point, the two gamers tugged at direction before Goyal started to extend the gap into a 3:1 edge. Goyal shortly closed it out with Jd10s7d8s set above Kc2d9hAd onto a plank 3dQhJs4c6s.

Final table payouts

1st Pulkit Goyal — India — US$ 82,052.44
2nd Rage Monkey1 — South Africa — US$ 61,530.16
3rd Karl”Rossz” Schedlberger — Austria — US$ 46,141.06
4th 1bloodflood — Russia -US$ 34,600.93
5th Nikolay”boryan4ik” Prokhorskiy — Russia — US$ 25,947.03
6th SlonoSarSki — Israel — US$ 19,457.56
7th SK72 — Germany — US$ 14,591.10
8th SunOfABeach — Austria — US$ 10,941.76
9th Eduardo Pires — Brazil — US$ 8,205.18

Paused: WSOPC Number 6: $170 Mini Main Event

Drawing another monster area was the 170 Mini Main Event with 17,478 registering around 39 beginning days. Like most of the finished occasions, this also defeated its US$ 2M warranty for a milder US$ 2,733,559.20 decoration pool. Just 10% of the area got paid together with the biggest reductions not yet been claimed. Yesterday evening, 2,703 players rallied for Day two that wrapped up in the last 9 players headed by Russia’s”CallMeBatya”. Running moment was Greek ace Ioannis Konstas.

Event Details

Purchase at: US$ 170
Warranty: US$ 2,000,000
Cumulative Entries: 17,478
Cumulative Day two qualifiers: 2,703
Prize pool: US$ 2,733,559.20
Payout Source: 10 percent
ITM: 1,800 areas

WSOPC Number 6 — $170 Mini Main Event final table

CallMeBatya — Russia — 85,148,946 — 60.8 BB
Ioannis Konstas — Greece — 82,062,907 — 58.6 BB
Vaatefingre — Norway — 69,152,123 — 49.4 BB
asky86 — — China — 40,947,043 — — 29.2 BB
Alessandro Siena — Italy — 40,409,729 — 28.9 BB
eisbdh12 — Hong Kong — 38,752,681 — 27.7 BB
L-love — Brazil — 29,694,294- 21.2 BB
zopino — Israel — 23,698,991 — 16.9 BB
Robert”robdag83″ Glasspool — 23,093,499 — 16.5 BB

Short recap of this busts from down two tables to a single, Malaysia’s DrHyun railed Argentina’s Marcio”Nodenuevo” Zacconi (16th), Alessandro Siena KdKc booted followmeee AsKh (15th), eisbdh12’s 9d9s refused DrHyun’s Ad10d overcards (14th), asky86 removed Darkwshadow (13th), zopino’s pockets sixes controlled Chilllin’s pocket fives, and Ioannis Konstas’s KdKh hauled from 0LiN0WiN’s Ad9h. Ten handed lasted almost 20 minutes. CallMeBatya scored a sizable double against zopino to select the lead. CallMeBatya proceeded to acquire a couple more baskets until Konstas removed Franco”pelaguacha” Spitale (10th) to close the afternoon with the last 9 formed.

WSOPC #6 — $170 Mini Main Event

The last 9 players reunite on December 27 in 230am HKT, every one guaranteed an excellent yield of US$ 27,726.57 to their poor US$ 170 purchase in. But what they’ll probably be focused on is your biggest six figure US$ 277,276.53 first decoration as well as also the WSOP circuit ring.

Final table payouts

1st US$ 277,276.53
2nd US$ 207,920.19
3rd US$ 155,918.31
4th US$ 116,922.14
5th US$ 87,679.23
6th US$ 65,750.11
7th US$ 49,305.64
8th US$ 36,973.93
9th US$ 27,726.57

Famous players at the top 100: Lucas Greenwood (27th), Yiannis”GreekFreaker” Liperis (33rd), Joshua”thefreshest” McCully (80th), along with Dominykas”MickeyMouse” Mikolaitis.


Open: WSOPC #10: $400 Christmas PLOSSUS

Beginning times for your US$ 400 Christmas PLOSSUS occasion have started. In the time of composing 412 have entered 42 progressing to Day two. One of the top 15 have been Natural8 Team Hot Guru Kosei Ichinose, just two time bracelet winner Juha Helppi, also ring and bracelet holder Chris Klodnicki. Leading the pack was Hungary’s B’s Sebestyen.

Beginning Days: Begins December 21
Day 2: December 28 @0230 HKT
Closing 9: January 3 @230 HKT
Purchase at: US$ 400
Warranty: US$ 1,225,000
Cumulative admissions: 412

Top 15 in processors

WSOPC Number 15: $400 New Year COLOSSUS

Beginning Days: Begins December 28
Closing Day: January 4 @0230 HKT
Purchase in: US$ 400
Warranty: US$ 2,021,000

WSOPNumber 18: $1,700 Main Event

Beginning Days: Begins January 4
Closing Day: January 11 @0230 HKT
Purchase at: US$ 1,700
Warranty: US$ 10,000,000


WSOPC #7: No Limit Hold’em 6-Handed Championship

Date: December 23 @0200 HKT
Purchase in: US$ 1,500
Warranty: US$ 1,000,000

WSOPC #8: $600 Marathon No Limit Hold’em

Date: December 26 @2000 HKT
Purchase in: US$ 600
Warranty: US$ 500,000

WSOPC Number 9: $315 BOUNTY GIANT No Limit Hold’em

Date: December 28 @0200 HKT
Purchase in: US$ 315
Warranty: US$ 1,000,000

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Stay tuned to Somuchpoker as we fetch you recaps of this 2021 WSOP Winter Circuit Online Series since it evolves.