2020 WSOP Main Event Will Be Held Live (Sort Of)

Thought the World collection of Poker has been finished? Not too fast! In early November World collection of Poker introduced a brand new event and it is a large one — that the official 2020 WSOP Main Event. It’s being held in late November and December via and GG Poker, together with separate events running on every website. Down to a Last table, every tournament will proceed to the Rio in Las Vegas or even King’s Casino from the Czech Republic.

The WSOP Main Event culminates in a epic heads-up game involving both winners on December 30th at Las Vegas (live!) To play to the name as well as the 2020 WSOP Main Event necklace. Like most live tournament events this past season, the World collection of Poker was transferred online on account of this worldwide outbreak, which was before the WSOP supplied this fresh solution with this last occasion of 2020.

What has happened up to now?

Updated: December 17th, 2020

Internet poker website GG Poker played host to the very first part of this 2020 WSOP Main Event. Action for Day 1a kicked off November 29th at 1 PM ET, constituting first of 3 flights of this non-U.S. part of this 2020 World collection of Poker Main Event.

The U.S. part then began play December 13th and performed to a last table over two weeks.

Dates and outcomes for all WSOP Main Event tournaments so far:

EventLocationDateNotesPlayers Entered/Remaining Following DayChip pioneer from day
Day 1a of International TournamentGG PokerNovember 29thOpen to players Outside the USA on GG Poker246/62Julian Menhardt
Day 1b of International TournamentGG pokerDecember 5th171/42Blaz Zerjav
Day 1c of International TournamentGG PokerDecember 6th257/75Senthuran Vijayaratnam
Day two of International TournamentGG PokerDecember 7thDay will perform to the Last 9674/9Brunno Botteon
Day 3 of International Tournament (Final Table)King’s Casino, Czech RepublicDecember 15thWinner crowned, will proceed to Las Vegas9/1Damian Salas

Day 1 of USA Tournament WSOP.comDecember 13th, 2020Players has to be in New Jersey or Nevada into play705/71Upeshka De Silva
Day two of USA TournamentWSOP.comDecember 14th, 2020Day will perform to the last 971/9Joseph Hebert
Day 3 of USA Tournament (Final Table)WSOP.comDecember 28th, 2020Winner crowned, will proceed on to Las Vegas

Heads-Up ChampionshipRio Hotel and Casino, Las VegasDecember 30th, 2020The winner of International and USA championship will probably be WSOP Main Event winner

Final table place for U.S. part of Main Event

Together with 71 players earning Day two of the U.S. part of their WSOP Main Event, a last table has been in sight. 3-time WSOP bracelet winner Upeshka De Silva had been from the driver’s seat using the chip lead because the players had their eyes going up at the paytable and make the last tableset for December 28th.

De Silva dropped his chip lead but did finally continue to create the final tablewhere he’s 8th in processors. However, the evening belonged to Joseph Hebert, that will go in the afternoon with 13 million in processors, a commanding lead over Shawn Stroke’s 5.2 million in processors.

Day 1

The U.S. part of this 2020 WSOP Main Event kicked off on December 13th with 705 gamers connecting the championship with a fantasy of winning the most coveted Main Event necklace.

Following a day of play, the championship whittled down to only 71 players. A recognizable name was at the top of the leaderboard after Day 1, 3-time WSOP bracelet winner Upeshka De Silva. Other prominent players like Jason Somerville, Darren Elias, Nick Schulman, Ryan Laplante, Maria Ho and Ryan Riess created the money and expected to go profound the Following Day.

The gamers will be fighting towards a 1,553,256 first place prize.

Damian Salas wins International part of WSOP Main Event

Following the U.S. part of this WSOP Main Event played to a last table, it had been time to find out the winner of this global tournament.

Brunno Botteon went to the afternoon as the chip leader. Another participant, Peiyuan Sun couldn’t travel, so that he had been mechanically awarded the 9th place trophy for $75,360. The rest duked it out for its $1.5 million original area and also a guaranteed $109k.

Botteon and Salas moved heads-up but it had been Damian Salas who drifted, after using a 2:1 chip edge entering heads-up play. He’ll now meet up with the winner of this U.S. closing table December 30th.

Final table place

The winner of the last table will get $1,550,969 and can face off in the close of the month from the U.S. winner in vegas for its coveted WSOP Main Event necklace in addition to a $1 million additional prize.

The last table has been scheduled for December 15th reside from the King’s Casino from the Czech Republic. The best 10 players making the last table are guaranteed at least 75,360 with just two millionaires crowned.

Here is the Way the processor counts pile up going in the Last table:

1stBrunno Botteon10,317,743
2ndManual Ruivo6,213,759
3rdDamian Salas5,653,528
5thHannes Speier3,515,744
6thDominykas Mikolaitis3,165,440
7thRamon Miquel Munoz3,035,940
8thPeiyuan Sun2,185,676
9thStoyan Obreshkov2,119,610

Day 2

On the 3 flights, the 2020 World collection of Poker Main Event attracted 674 players using only 179 players living to the next day of this championship. A total of 6.7 million has been verified for the decoration pool first location set for $1,550,969 and gamers making the last table ensured around $75k.

Brunno Botteon in Brazil completed the day as the chip leader, almost twice the Portugal’s Manuel Ruivo. Botteon created a tiny name of himself that summer when he created three WSOP Online closing tables a second-place complete from the $25,000 buy Heads-Up No Limit HoldCeltics occasion, that Fedor Holz won.

Here would be the best players for every one of these flights which proceeded on to Day 2…

Day 1a

The initial flight of this GG Poker part of this event brought 246 players together with 62 players moving to Day 2. Julian Menhardt went to Day two together with the most chips in the 1a flight. The best ten chip leaders of all Day 1a have been as follows:

Julian “VWgunther” Menhardt — 534,490
Paul “AsiaStylez” Esau — 472,075
Dirk Gerritse — 457,197
Preben Stokkan — 446,677
sunnyzyang1982 — 441,981
Ilya Anatsky — 407,356
Michal “ml22322” Lubas — 397,579
Sosia “Aunty_Ninja” Jiang — 390,312
Laurynas Levinskas — 389,628
WhatIfPIOswrong — 386,050

The following flight for its non-US part on GG Poker 1b was nominated for December 5th at 18:00 GMT whilst Day 1c is going to be held on December 6th in precisely the identical moment. The players from each one of the 3 flights which survive the very first evening will then reconvene for Day two December 7th.

Day 1b

Day 1b has been held on December 5th with a bigger area linking the GG Poker tables. A number of 171 players entered the championship with 42 players living daily and going on to Day two on December 7th.

Those gamers were:

Blaz Verjav — 639,394
Rodrigo “sauvage” Valente — 592,043
Amir “8ty4calling8” Dvir — 538,003
Artem “Ar0wana: Vezhenkov — 511,114
crackers614 — 488,965
pleashurtme — 427,584
Javier Gomez — 427,190
“Qibing “degenkaiu Wang — 392,108
Diego “TeaLover” Falcone — 341,782
David “Edeskie” Cowling — 337,990

Day 1c

About the next and last flight of the global part of this World collection of Poker Main Event drawn the many entrances of the 3 occasions — 275. Of that amount, 75 proceeded on into the next day, that had been stored on Monday:

Senthuran Vijayaratnam — 966,714
Jesse Wigan — 642,276
Viacheslav Buldygin — 480,671
Ruben Gravlien — 459,031
Gediminas Uselis — 433,859
Daniel Smiljkovic — 405,085
Fazel Dawood — 404,092
Robin Hegele — 398,192
Christopher Puetz — 394,051
Oleg Ustinovich — 377,123

Check the bottom of the post to find out more about how the 2020 World collection of Poker will likely unfold.

How do I see that the 2020 WSOP Main Event? )

The last table of this global and U.S. tournaments will be filmed for seeing after down to a last table. Per convention, ESPN will broadcast coverage of this 2020 WSOP Main Event with Norman Chad along with Lon McEachern in the microphone.

Jeff Platt is forecast to give comment during Day 1b throughout the GG Poker YouTube station, where he’ll adhere to the actions and attempt to stay up with a number of the larger pros since they attempt to create it Day two.

WSOP had a definitive champion for 2020

The statement was unexpected to a person who presumed the Main Event was held this season. A winner, Stoyan Madanzhiev, has been strangled in September on GG Poker. In the time that he had been frequently called some as the”WSOP Main Event Champion.” On the recent WSOP Wikipedia webpage, Madanzhiev is known called the WSOP Online Main Event Champion, however it is a title that many poker lovers could probably name on the top of the mind.

That is not disrespecting Madanzhiev, but is most probably the character of having a prestigious occasion on the net versus the charm of seeing it live on ESPN along with the winner holding the bracelet up throughout the iconic post-tournament ceremony.

Using the recently announced WSOP Main Event, all gamers will have the chance of asserting the bracelet and getting this season’s official champ. And we will have the ability to see it unfold live.

Ty Stewart, Executive Director of the World Collection of Poker, had the following to say of this information:

There should be a World Champion at 2020. Poker’s background is too significant. It is a exceptional format to the Main Event, however, this really is a special calendar year. We would like to continue to keep gamers’ health and security top of head and deliver a excellent televised showcase to the sport we all love.

How does the 2020 WSOP Main Event function?

The 2020 World collection of Poker Main Event is going to be like none other in the 51-year background of this function. For starters, the occasion will mostly be held on the internet. After play down to a last table, the gamers will reconvene soon after to play person facing cameras. What’s going to make this season very unique is it is going to be divided into two segments, a national WSOP on along with also an worldwide championship on GG Poker.

All these championships will play on line as normal prior to continuing to a live final table in their various locations. Following a winner of every tournament was crowned, a closing heads-up battle is going to soon be held December 30th to get an extra $1 million from additional prizes. The winner of this heads-up match is going to soon be resisted the 2020 World collection of Poker winner and will obtain the coveted Main Event necklace.

Questions and answers

It is on! There’ll be a WSOP main event winner in 2020. Https://

— Daniel Negreanu (@RealKidPoker) November 13, 2020

What structure would the 2020 WSOP utilize?

The championship will function under a conventional freezeout arrangement, which will let gamers one entrance.

What’ll the purchase be for your 2020 WSOP Main Event?

Much like the freezeout arrangement, the WSOP Main Event will possess its ordinary $10,000 purchase.

What’s the arrangement look like for your 2020 WSOP Main Event? )

Gamers will begin with 60,000 processors with blinds increasing every 30 seconds. Late enrollment will be kept to the first 6 weeks. Blinds will start at 100/200 having a 50 processor ante.

Where do you perform with the 2020 WSOP Main Event? )

To perform at the USA, you have to be physically located in Delaware, Nevada or New Jersey while enjoying. If you’re out of those states, it’s still possible to play, however you’ll have to pay a visit to the state through the Main Event. International players have a little more flexibility. They could play with the worldwide section of the WSOP Main Event on GG Poker provided that the poker area takes players of the nation.

Of course, in case you make the last table of every tournament, you’ll have to travel into the Czech Republic (global players) or even Las Vegas, Nevada (players from the USA ). If you are fortunate enough to win tournament, then you’ll should play in vegas on December 30th.

What happens when traveling restrictions are set in place?

in case of COVID-19 inducing additional travel limitations, the WSOP reserves the right to maintain the last part of the principal Event online also.

Can WSOP Main Event satellites be accessible?

Yes, most players may input WSOP Main Event satellites on either GG Poker and for as little as just $1. Freerolls are also accessible for gamers on both websites.

When I’m a non-US participant or not found in New Jersey or Nevada, can I play at the U.S. part of the principal Event?

Yes, you are able to travel to play with at the U.S. Part of their WSOP Main Event by travel to Nevada or New Jersey and enjoying Players will receive particular Main Event room charges at select hotels in New Jersey and Nevada. Players are invited to pay a visit to the WSOP Main Event site for further specifics. If you wish to have a jump on things, you are able to even make your accounts and deposit money around the poker area before coming.

Would I play with both the GG Poker along with parts of the occasions?

No, you may just have a total of a single entry to the WSOP 2020 Main Event. You have to opt to input just 1 site. Player information is going to be shared between both poker rooms to stop players from abusing those terms.

What happens when a participant has COVID before throughout the last table parts of the principal Event?

Should you make the last table, be certain that you don’t become ill! A player who tests positive for your COVID-19 ahead of the beginning of the live section of the principal Event will be redeemed and get the minimum payout.

What happens when an 18 year-old global participant wins the global tourrnament?

Since the minimum gaming age in vegas is 21, within this situation, the heads-up part of the event is going to be transferred to Europe.

Reaction from poker gamers

Gamers are responding to this news with mixed emotions, with a few eager at the possibility of a true 2020 WSOP Main Event winner while some are questioning the choice.

The event is a enormous puppy from really occurring. I am not against the concept itself asking people to fly from all around the world each month into a nation slumping with covid is rather baffling. I totally anticipate GG facet to perform online and expect winner could reach Vegas.

— Yori Epskamp (@YoriEpskamp) November 13, 2020

The newest WSOP main event is a logistical nightmare but it’s far better than nothing! In the event you do not wish to play with, do not playwith. If you wish to play, I will see you around the felt!

— Ryan Riess (@RyanRiess1) November 13, 2020

Excited for the chance to shoot WSOP Main out of America that moment, thankfully simply need to get into another state today. Closer to Nevada but a thing around a Howard Johnson’s off the Jersey turnpike in mid December that seems really pure rock base it has gotta be blessed, correct?

— Salty (@msalsberg) November 13, 2020