Opening night assembles over US$ 19.6M; Konstantin Maslak denies Damian Salas; Neel Joshi ships just one for India; Juan Dominguez in two Super closing tables — Somuchpoker

Springtime has arrived and with it the largest internet event of the entire season. Buzzing final night on monitors around the globe was the highly expected US$ 150 million ensured GG Spring Festival 2021, hosted by internet platform Natural8 around the GG Network.

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The show started with 24 tournaments operating in series with buy-ins for as low as US$ 21 into some costly US$ 25,500. In the wake, the results were so remarkable. Day 1 attracted a joint 49,135 entrances and accumulated US$ 19,664,000 in prize money. Furthermore, at least two players pocketed more than six characters and five championships attained their 5,000 participant maximums. Figuring out that the strangest was Russia’s Konstantin Maslak later he refused WSOP 2020 Main Event winner Damian Salas in the Bounty Hunters Main Event. For Asia, India’s young gun Neel Joshi was one of the victorious. Additionally running red sexy was Spain’s Juan Dominguez who attained 2 Super High Roller final tables. We have got these stories and more to you .

In case you are only getting end of GGSF 2021, then the show is just 1 afternoon in. For novices, be certain you join on Natural8 to avail from private promos and vouchers. It is possible to read up on these perks in the base of the webpage. The festival runs until April 25 with a total of 337 tournaments dispersed over three tiers — Low, Moderate, High. Assuredly, there’s something for everybody. Buy-ins vary between US$ 5 to 5 US$ 25,500 with occasion promises from US$ 5,000 into a gigantic US$ 10,000,000.


To kick off the festival, a preexisting celebration was held April 3 in GGPoker’s YouTube station with renowned Canadian DJ”deadmau5″ on deck. Running alongside has been a US$ 100,000 Freeroll Houseparty where thousands of gamers fought for a few of those four enviable GGSF Main Event-H: $1,500 NLHE [Day 1] Tickets.

Largest winner: Konstantin Maslak — US$ 229,531.42

Konsantin Maslak PokerKonstantin Maslak. Charge: partypoker LIVE

Our best story for Day 1 was the most Amazing functionality by Russia’s Konstantin Maslak in the H-03: $5,250 Bounty Hunters Main Event. Maslak defeated the 325 powerhouse area to accumulate US$ 229,531.42, which makes him the wealthiest winner of this day. This really was Maslak’s third biggest known tournament rating. Back in November 2018he uttered a trendy US$ 600,000 for his 5th place finish in the US$ 5,300 partypoker LIVE Caribbean Poker Party Main Event. Three decades before, he clasped his first WSOP bracelet in the US$ 2,500 Omaha / Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo better or 8 and won US$ 269,612. Together with his latest triumph, Maslak has amassed over US$ 1.7 million in listed tournament earnings.

Ggsf 1H-03: $5,250 Bounty Hunters Main Event

Recapping the activity from the last table, Maslak entered since the smallest heap with 23 bbs. He remained in the shadows although WSOP 2020 Main Event winner Damian Salas dominated the dining table providing several eliminations. At four given, Maslak went to a hurry, railroad Natural8 Team Bling’s Daniel Dvoress (4th) if his As3d spiked a three to five outdraw AdKs subsequently cleaned out Urmo Velvelt (3rd) to confront Salas up.

Up from 11 significant blinds, Maslak jumped to the offensive leading to a failed bluff which delivered Salas to the driver’s chair. Salas’s increase nonetheless was short lived with Maslak restarting the onslaught of strikes to maintain the subsequent eight strands and the triumph. The last hand has been Kh10c above Kc9d onto a plank Js2cKs5c3d. Maslak sent the US$ 103,125.15 initial trophy, furthermore, he made a much bigger US$ 126,406.27 in faculty rewards. For instance Salas and 4th placer Dvoress, the two experts also got six characters from united winnings and faculty rewards. Salas maintained US$ 150,385.03 and Dvoress maintained US$ 106,767.25.

Ggsf 2H-03: $5,250 Bounty Hunters Main Event final table

Closing table payouts

1st Konstantin Maslak — Russia — US$ 229,531.42
2nd Damian Salas — Argentina — US$ 150,385.03
3rd Urmo Velvelt — Estonia — US$ 83,393.94
4th Daniel Dvoress — Canada — US$ 106,767.25
5th HEIZENBERG_G — South Africa — US$ 92,600.18
6th Aliaksandr Hirs — Belarus — US$ 54,813.02
7th J Andersson — Sweden — US$ 55,762.84
8th Astor — Brazil — US$ 38,454.29
9th David Peters — USA — US$ 27,943.82

Players bringing six characters

Combining Maslak, Salas, along with Dvoress together with six figure payouts every have been six players, each of these listed below. Spain’s Jon AV Santos should also be confessed because he came really near. Santos made US$ 99,258.56 in a four way bargain because of his success in the H-01: $1,050 Bounty Kickoff. Fantastic luck too for staker Hlingo8 who bought 40 percent of Santos’s activity.

H-02: $1,500 Sunday Marathon — 525 admissions — US$ 748,125 decoration pool
1st elkymara — Indonesia — US$ 136,102.56
2nd Ivan Zufic — Croatia — US$ 102,062.24

H-04: $1,050 GGMasters High Rollers — 1,127 gamers — US$ 1,127,000 decoration pool
1st”Yataro” — Belarus — US$ 155,843.48
2nd Timothy Adams — Canada — US$ 116,865.52

H-07: $2,100 PLO-NL Bounty — 244 entrances — US$ 488,000 decoration pool
1st Rui Ferreira — Brazil — US$ 108,522.63

M-03: $525 Bounty Hunters Main Event — 2,666 entrances — US$ 1,333,000 decoration pool
1st rapStyler — Brazil — US$ 121,831.48

Belarus’s”Yataro” wins the GGMasters High Rollers to get US$ 155,843.48

In the Freezeout occasions, the large grade held a $1,050 purchase in GGMasters using a bonded US$ 1 million. The occasion brought 1,127 gamers to breach the warranty to get a marginally larger US$ 1,127,000 decoration pool. After 13 hours, Belarus’s”Yataro” appeared as winner after grabbing a fortunate flush to the river to conquer Timothy Adams. He sent US$ 155,843.48 that was the 2nd biggest first prize payout of Day 1. This was Yataro’s very first known success on the community.

Ggsf 3H-04: $1,050 GGMasters High Rollers

Closing table payouts

1st Yataro — Belarus — US$ 155,843.48
2nd Timothy Adams — Canada — US$ 116,865.52
3rd Elio Fox — USA — US$ 87,636.69
4th Peter Turmezey — Hungary — US$ 65,718.26
5th Octavio”Camisa15″ Braga — Brazil — US$ 49,281.74
6th Babi-Pangang — Luxembourg — US$ 36,956.15
7th pokercode-1 — Austria — US$ 27,713.19
8th SUPERLOW — Canada — US$ 20,781.92
9th Renan Bruschi — Brazil — US$ 15,584.28

Neel Joshi wins the M-08: $210 Sunday Heater [Bounty Turbo]

On his next thing, India’s rising young celebrity Neel Joshi held his head high in the M-08: $210 Sunday Heater [Bounty Turbo] occasion. Joshi defeated the last table to pocket US$ 21,927.71. This figure comprised an amazing US$ 13,476.83 in faculty rewards.

Joshi has worked nicely at events around the GG Network. Last summerhe cried in an astonishing 14 WSOP Online occasions together with his biggest of US$ 59,878 in the US$ 1,500 FIFTY STACK No Limit HoldCeltics to get 6th location. This remains his biggest recognized tournament payout. Since his very first article in 2018, he’s gathered over US$ 150K.

Ggsf 4M-08: $210 Sunday Heater [Bounty Turbo]

Short rundown of this activity, Joshi entered the last table operating 7th in processors with 34 bbs. Forty-five minutes afterwards, with six staying, Joshi took the lead and never relinquished. At four given, he moved on a push spree that resulted in the collapse of J Mendoza (4th) with Js6s matching both to dust AdQs. With half of these chips in his disposal, he also continued to stress his two challengers leading to Dylan”gr1nd3rrr” Lambert doubling up subsequently pumped out (hand over ). Upward 7:1 at heads up, it just takes two hands to shut it out with AhJc restraining Everbrun1’s Js9c.

Five occasions reach 5,000 max

Having an extensive lineup of tournaments provided, along with an eager audience to fit, Day 1 watched five championships achieve ability. Each tournament needed a 5,000 player greatest and before enrollment closed, each slot has been filled. Undoubtedly that was really great news for those organizers with promises exceeded and plenty of players at the cash. A number of 827 players cashed at every one of the events given below.

Ggsf 5M-04: $150 GGMasters

M-04: $150 GGMasters — US$ 690,000 decoration pool
Winner: Vitor”CoutoNuts” Coutinho — Brazil — US$ 74,454.19 (pictured above)

L-02: $30 Sunday Marathon — US$ 138,000 decoration pool
Winner: giselda99 — Brazil — US$ 12,790.95 (three way deal)

L-03: $52.50 Bounty Hunters Main Event — US$ 250,000 prize pool
Winner: Polygedron — Russia — US$ 19,572.72

L-04: $25 GGMasters — US$ 115,000 decoration pool
Winner: TSK121212 — China — US$ 12,412.88

L-06: $50 Sunday Big 50 — US$ 230,000 decoration pool
Winner: Noam”lamalo21″ Garama — Israel — US$ 24,281.77

2-Day Occasions on fracture

Some of the wealthiest leagues on opening night had been scheduled as 2-Day Occasions. We’ll get the results and watch for you those finish in a day or 2.

H-06: $25,500 Sunday Five Million

Warranty: US$ 5,000,000
Entries: 198
Prize pool: US$ 5,000,000
ITM: 27 areas
1st decoration: US$ 1,084,891.90
*Paused at closing 9 players

The H-06: $25,500 Sunday Five Million occasion is just one of the costliest tournaments at the lineup and as anticipated it brought the heavy hitters along with the creme de la creme. Following half an hour of late enrollment, the tally has been 198 admissions for a little overlay of 2 buy-ins. One of the lengthy list of all re-entries have been Wiktor Malinowski and Michael Addamo, equally shooting seven bullets both failing to get to the money. The occasion stopped at the autumn of Pedro Garagnani at 10th location. The race resumes on April 6 in 3:05am HKT. Expect only top notch activity since the last 9 chase down the drool worthy US$ 1,084,891.90 first trophy, the initial seven figure payout of this festival.

Major the search is adorned specialist Andras Nemeth using 119 bb that’s over double his nearest competitor Guillaume Nolet together with 51 bb. In third position is sexy working Francisco”VaPaCooler” Benitez who cried in five Day 1 occasions such as 11th place in the Super MILLION$. In his heels would be Elio Fox who finished 3rd in the H-04: $1,050 GGMasters High Rollers. Two-time WSOP bracelet winner Yuri Dzivielevski is at 7th position and bringing up the back is Juan Pardo Dominguez who attained 2 Super High Rollers final tables. The race into the million will undoubtedly be full of barbarous topnotch poker actions.

Closing 9 gamers
Ggsf 6

H-05: $10,300 Super MILLION$

Warranty: US$ 3,000,000
Entries: 312
Prize pool: US$ 3,120,000
ITM: 35 areas
*Paused at closing 9

In the H-05: $10,300 Super MILLION$, the rest 9 players may return on Tuesday, April 7 at 2:00am HKT. Each is ensured US$ 73,259.49 but what they’ll be shooting is your US$ 586,075.23 initial decoration. With the vast majority of these finalists well known due to their ample accomplishments, lovers are in for an extremely thrilling race. When you’ve got a hunch on who’ll send it, then you can set your wager for as low as US$ 1 through the Closing Table Betting choice on the page.

Closing 9 gamers
Ggsf 7

M-05: $1,050 Top Rollers Main Event

Warranty: US$ 1,000,0000
Entries: 1,091
Prize pool: US$ 1,091,000
ITM: 152 areas
1st decoration: US$ 153,550.14
*Paused at closing 37 gamers

In the M-05: $1,050 Top Rollers Main Event, WPT multi winner James”PHJ10″ Carroll contributes the last 37 players. One of the top ten most are celebrity winners Juha Helppi and Julien Martini. Game resumes April 6 in 2:05am HKT.

Best 10 in processors
Ggsf 8

Featured events

Along with the aforementioned events, the first two of the seven featured events kicked off opening night, the GGSF Opening Act-L NLHE US$ 1 million ensured as well as also the GGSF Launch Act-L PLO-NL US$ 500,000 ensured. Daily entrance flights are continuing resulting in Day two that occurs on April 12.

Broad: GGSF Opening Act-L: US$ 80 NLHE, US$ 1,000,000 ensured

Dates: April 5 to 12
Cumulative admissions: 1,158
Day two qualifiers: 170
Typical heap: 168,529

Top 10 in processors
Ggsf 9

Broad: GGSF Opening Act-L: US$ 80 PLO-NL, US$ 500,000 ensured

Dates: April 5 to 12
Cumulative admissions: 362
Day two qualifiers: 52
Typical heap: 170,943

Top 10 in processors
Ggsf 10

Specific Occasion: US$ 10,000 GG Legends Bounty effort. DJ”deadmau5″

On April 10 at 20:00 (GMT) / / April 11 in 04:00 HKT, would be your US$ 10,000 GG Legends Bounty occasion with a rather affordable purchase of US$ 5.25. With this budget cost, players have a chance at knocking out famed Canadian DJ”deadmau5″. Registration starts on April 3 at 20:00 (GMT) / / April 4 in 04:00 (HKT).

Event Promos

US$ 1,000,000 Series Leaderboard

As always, the festival isn’t full without the Series Leaderboard. Players that cash at any one of these occasions will automatically make points involving the Series Leaderboard. A joint 100 players each week make a share of US$ 1 million in championship credits. The race starts on April 4. Prizes are given per grade.

Period 1: US$ 50,000 (L), US$ 100,000 (M, US$ 150,000 (H) = T$ 300,000 complete
Week two: US$ 50,000 (L), US$ 100,000 (M), US$ 150,000 (H) = T$ 300,000 complete
Period 3: US$ 75,000 (L), US$ 125,000 (M), US$ 200,000 (H) = T$ 400,000 complete

Leaderboard — Day 1 — Top 10 — Top Grade
Ggsf 11

Leaderboard — Day 1 — 1 — Top 10 — Moderate Tier
Ggsf 12

Leaderboard — Day 1 — 1 — Top 10 — Low Grade
Ggsf 13

Exclusive Natural8 Promos

For gamers signed on Natural8, anticipate lots of GGSF freebies. Through the show, Natural8 will soon be giving off GGSF tickets through their hourly freerolls, VIP Club Freerolls, GG Pros Freerolls, along with First Deposit Freerolls. For N8 players who participate in some of those GGSF 2021 occasions, you get entrance to exclusive Natural8 GGSF Flipouts together with every entrance beefing up your pile. Flipouts occur every Saturday on April 10, 17, & 24, using a single flipout for all the 3 tiers. Prizes a Flipout: US$ 10,000 (High) / / US$ 5,000 (Moderate ) / / US$ 2,000 (Low).

Another exclusive voucher is your US$ 50,000 GGSF LiveX Sponsorship. So as to land this particular promo, you will want to conquer a mountain of gamers and acquire at the GGSF Main Event-H: US$ 1,500 NLHE, US$ 10 million ensured occasion. The sponsorship consists of:

• 12 weeks LiveX Crew Sponsorship
• US$ 15,000 Las Vegas Package ($10,000 to pay your own buy-ins and $5,000 for costs )
• US$ 35,000 for live event sponsorships more than 12 weeks

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Stay tuned to Somuchpoker as we continue to deliver you recaps about the continuing Natural8 — GGSF festival.

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