Here Is What We Know About The Polk/Negreanu Heads-Up Match Right Now

The Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk heads-up match kicked off on November 4th once the match played their very first session in the PokerGo studios, even together with Daniel Negreanu winning by 116k. The semester marked the beginning of the High End Feud Heads-Up Challenge, that will be predicted to operate through ancient 2021.

Where do you see the heads-up game on the internet?

You can see the sessions live via a number of distinct stations on Twitch and Youtube:

GG Poker Official YouTube Channel
DougPolkPoker Official YouTube Channel
Upswing Poker Official Twitch Channel
Joey Ingram YouTube station
Solve for Why YouTube station

PokerGo broadcasted the very first day of activity on November 4th using Negreanu and Polk enjoying 200 hands. Negreanu began the struggle on a solid note, winning $116k. You’re able to observe that session .

Notice: The article was updated ancient on December 12th shortly following Day 19 of this Negreanu/Polk Heads-up Challenge.

What exactly do we understand about the Doug Polk versus Daniel Negreanu heads-up game up?

The complete particulars of this grudge match between Doug Polk along with Daniel Negreanu were put in the times leading up to this November 4th beginning date. Details had been solidified in ancient to mid-October that you are able to read about — The Best 8 items we heard out of the Negreanu/Polk heads-up match.

In summary, here are the main conditions:

Two tables of $200/$400 No Limit Hold’em
25,000 palms
The participant behind following 12,500 hands could stop the game at there

What sport is Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk playing their battle?

The set are enjoying with two straight tables of heads-up $200/$400 No Limit HoldCeltics, that was verified from a young discussion from Daniel Negreanu.

Who’s winning the Daniel Negreanu/Doug Polk heads-up game?

Doug Polk is presently winning at his heads-up game against Daniel Negreanu by $814,290.20 following 19 sessions (December 12th). Following Is a session by session breakdown:

Session #Day of all sessionWinner on dayHands on SessionTotal HandsOverall Leader later sessionNotes
1November 4th (live session in PokerGo studios)Daniel Negreanu ($116,000)200200Daniel Negreanu – $116,000The session was broadcast live on PokerGo
2November 6thDoug Polk ($218,000)424624Doug Polk – $101,000First online session on
3November 9thDoug Polk ($166,239)3821,006Doug Polk – $268,031Watch session
4November 11thDaniel Negreanu ($87,167)3661,372Doug Polk – $180,865Watch Session
5November 13thDaniel Negreanu ($206,994.59)3651,737Daniel Negreanu – $25,916.87Watch Session through which Negreanu overtakes Polk
6November 16thDoug Polk ($93,542.68)6372,374Doug Polk – $67.625.81Watch Session
7November 18thDaniel Negreanu ($222,832.70)5912,965Daniel Negreanu – $155,206.89Watch session
8November 19thDaniel Negreanu ($24,156.82)4573,422Daniel Negreanu – $179,363.71Watch session
9November 20thDoug Polk ($205,521.74)3773,799Doug Polk – $26,371.78Watch session
10November 23rdDoug Polk ($117,624) 8524,651Doug Polk – $143,996Watch session
11November 25thDoug Polk ($120,023.59)4165,067Doug Pok – $264,109.75Watch session
12November 28thDoug Polk ($332,178.14)6845,781Doug Polk – $596,197.89Watch session.
13November 30thDaniel Negreanu ($17,780.32)4766,227Doug Polk – $578,417.57Watch session
14December 2ndDaniel Negreanu (~$13,000)6006,800Doug Polk – $565,417.57Watch session
15December 4thDaniel Negreanu ($46,581.88)4507,250Doug Polk – $514,417Watch Polk stream reside, together with hole cards onto some hands
16December 7thDoug Polk ($160,348.99)6007,850Doug Polk – $674,417Watch session
17December 9thDoug Polk (~$101,773.33)6628,970 (fresh corrected total)Doug Polk – $784,560Watch session reside at 5:30 PM ET on Wednesday
18December 10thDoug Polk ($173,362.61)9809,950Doug Polk – $957,932.57Watch session
19December 11thDaniel Negreanu ($143,642.37)83410,784Doug Polk – $814,290.20Watch session
20December 14th-18th”Away or largely off”
21December 21st (estimated)
22December 23rd (estimated)
23December 28th (estimated)
24December 30th (estimated)

So when did the Negreanu/Polk Challenge begin?

The game started on November 4th at 8 PM ET. It is going to probably run over several weeks and complete in ancient 2021.

Neither side initially appeared to be at a considerable rush to have the match began, then agreeing to this struggle before this summer. Polk was initially happily (or unhappily?) Coaching for the game while Negreanu was occupied using all the WSOP on GG Poker, in which he’s an ambassador. But, poker lovers did not need to wait because they need for the notorious Jungleman vs durrrr Fight game.

At a site for Doug Polk’s Upswing Poker, it had been proposed that the game would not occur until sometime after the GG Poker part of this WSOP, that reasoned by mid-September. In late October, the group agreed to this November 4th beginning date.

The number of fingers will soon Negreanu and Polk perform within their heads-up Challenge?

The set will perform 25,000 handson.

It had been proposed in August that they’d play someplace in the area of 10,000 to 25,000 palms, together with gamers finally agreeing to a 25,000 hands obstacle. The amount is average of recent hot heads-up Challenges played with Phil Galfond, which recently declared. The player will have the choice of throwing in the towel following 12,500 handson.

Could I see that the Negreanu/Polk Challenge?

Negreanu and Polk are equally informed in regards to streaming, and the two settled on PokerGo to sponsor the very first day of the struggle, that has been streamed live by the PokerGo Studios (yes, even at the very first session that the couple played face to face). On the very first day of the struggle, PokerGo uttered the very initial 200 hands at no cost, which you may view below.

Obviously, there was practically no possibility which Negreanu and Polk did not utilize their established existence on interpersonal networking platforms like YouTube and Twitch to help it become more of a scene than it was forming up to become. Following the live session, then the heads-up challenge subsequently moved into, in which it’s being streamed by different Twitch and YouTube stations.

A choice streams have been supplied by both gamers, enabling you to see all of the activity being played Top channels comprise the GG Poker YouTube station, the Doug Polk YouTube station as well as also the Upswing Twitch station.

On Day of those Negreanu vs Polk High Stakes Feud, Joey Ingram also developed to the comment match, giving his distinctive view and witty banter. He intends to keep with live commentary through the High Definition Feud.

On Day 15, Doug Polk staged the whole session live out of his workplace. Initially he said he wouldn’t display hole cardsbut ended up showing around 40 percent of his palms, a few that was completed on purpose and a few that were done unintentionally.

You are able to grab that session :

So when is your High Stakes Feud using Negreanu and Polk being hauled?

Thus much, Negreanu and Polk happen to be carrying a comfortable approach, playing with 2-3 times every week with fractures throughout the weekend. The majority of the games have begun at 5:30 PM ET with sessions lasting a couple hours and approximately 300-600 hands-on during every semester.

Do you know the probability of this Daniel Negreanu versus Doug Polk heads-up game?

In the beginning of the game, Daniel Negreanu was about 4.60 — roughly 18 percent — to win the occasion, which makes Doug Polk a heavy preferred. Those chances change by the afternoon as bettors receive more info and outcomes.

The situation for the game have contributed to some interesting character in the game. On the outside, Polk appears to be a definite popular because heads-up No Limit HoldCeltics is his first trademark match (whereas it isn’t to get Negreanu). Polk may also profit from an internet format with a live atmosphere, at which Negreanu is powerful with his famous hand-reading abilities.

Favoring Negreanu is that before the game, Polk hadn’t played No Limit HoldCeltics within the previous few years and may be comparatively rusty. Negreanu can be also very utilised to the strain and will surely have a great deal of funds to enhance. Nonetheless, the intelligent money appears to be the negative that Polk won’t have lost much throughout his retirement.

PokerShares has introduced chances for the game and in September,” Doug Polk has been a 1.25 popular from the marketplace in comparison to Daniel Negreanu’s 4.10 with European chances. This industry efficiently gave Polk that a 80% probability of winning, meaning that items are relatively stable or even continuing to proceed in Polk’s direction.

Following dawn 11, Polk’s chances moved into the highest they’ve been so far — approximately a 10:1 favourite. Following a large session 12 held on November 28th, Doug Polk had been about a 20:1 favored, a sum that has increased.

Who’s become the luckiest player so far?

Without understanding hole cardswe can not say for certain that participant is operating the very best. However, a continuing analysis has been made of all EV from the game. Throughout the initial 17 sessions , Negreanu is becoming relatively unfortunate with his all time circumstances.

Who’s gambling on the game?

there are lots of individuals wagering available on the marketplace above on PokerShares. In reality, some high-profile experts will also be getting in on the activity. Mike Matusow even wager half his 20k deposit on the game. Phil Hellmuth and Bill Perkins also have bet large quantities on the game with favoring Negreanu at these chances.

Consuming about 1MM thus far reserved on @RealKidPoker vs @DougPolkVids HU poker conflict. With roughly 500k booked right w/ the HU Master Steel Polk himself that I believe Doug is really a fav but hope Dnegs was analyzing w / / the #HybridPoker wizards & their speedy learning instrument so superior than 4/1

— Bill Perkins (Guy) (@bp22) October 28, 2020

What can Polk and Negreanu need to say about the game?

Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk were not just been best buddies in the months leading up to the game (or indefinitely for that issue ). After the set were finalizing match discussions, there appeared to be a part of mutual esteem growing. But, that wasn’t true in the times leading up to the game, in which the two Polk and also Negreanu were interviewed by PokerGo at a pastime movie in which they clarified their feud.

Are they fighting?

The pressure between Polk and also Negreanu appeared to have improved when the game started. There was a small dispute on November 17th over hand histories, but was solved once Phil Galfond mediated the problem.

At a post-game interview following their session 9 match, Doug Polk reported he stood from the criticisms he made from Negreanu but he did move”a bit too tough on him some of those strikes.”

What’s Negreanu tackling the reduction up to now?

Following some sessions, maybe not excellent. Soon after this December 9th session, Negreanu dropped his cool at a post-match meeting using all the GG Poker announcing staff, bemoaning his fortune throughout the past couple of sessions. Throughout his best moments, but cooler heads prevail and Negreanu admits he’s running that this is”simply a part of this procedure.”

Can the game go past 12,500 hands?

When it comes agreed prior to the game, the player can fall out following 12,500 handson. If a participant fell out, this will definitely damage that participant’s self, but at any stage, enough may be sufficient.

Though a few poker lovers really are encouraging Negreanu to stop, the consensus against the wise money appears to be that he’ll keep on playing, provided that the damage does not get too awful. That is a sense that both Doug Polk along with Bill Perkins (who wager Negreanu) echo.

Negreanu immediately dealt with these questions following Day 18 of this game, strongly suggesting that 12,500 palms won’t be the conclusion of the match.

I will add about $ 5 million. I really don’t give a shit. Like, I’m literally not stopping. There is not a part of me feels “oh, you are simply getting outplayed very poorly.”

What additional heads-up suits can I see?

Today is a wonderful time to become a poker enthusiast, particularly if you want heads-up matches. Along with Negreanu/Polk, make sure you have a look at the Galfond Challenge (accessible multiple times per week) and High Definition Duel, accessible only on PokerGo every couple weeks.

Any additional games planned?

Though it is still somewhat at the”pipe dream” stage both Doug Polk along with also the Instagram King, Dan Bilzerian have every demonstrated interest within their very own heads-up match. Bilzerian theorized a suit between Polk had been at the roles from early November, that has been fueled with a Tweet by Polk strongly hinting in the urge for this game.

At a post-match meeting with GG Pok on November 20th, suggested he will be amenable to play nearly anybody heads-up.

Do you need next marijuana? I would say lets move but you are not man enough to perform with no begging for chances. Https://

— Doug”Truck Driver” Polk (@DougPolkVids) November 19, 2020

Planning for the game

Final details are introduced for Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk’s highly-anticipated Heads-Up grudge match. Even though Polk waited, he’d used the time to get ready for the challenge.

Following the highly-anticipated heads-up battle was declared, Doug Polk hit hitting on the low-stakes heads-up tables with several players. Doug Polk played with heads-up from Bill Perkins, Amongst Others, such as a No Limit Hold’em heads-up session together with poker vlogger Matt Vaughn on Americas Cardroom. The match $2/4 No-Limit HoldCeltics, reduced bets by Doug Polk criteria and substantially lower than that which he will play Negreanu. Luckily for Polk lovers, the game was staged by Vaughn and published about YouTube:

From the first days of his coaching game, the 15,000 hands that he played contributed to almost $10k at losses, the equal of some -15.08 BB/100 speed. After”retiring” in poker, Polk was freshening upon his own skills by seeking more heads-up competitions, for example at greater bets, which finally led Vaughn to carry him up on the deal (even though the pair chose to play $2/$4). Here is what Polk needed to say regarding the comparatively difficult resume for his poker career:

Following 15k palms of dropping poker, it’s time to move around where they honor your earnings.

Trying to play with a $5$10 and $10/$20 today if anybody wants to play a few HU

— Doug Polk (@DougPolkVids) August 25, 2020

He managed to rebound back but had been down total in his first return into poker:

My outcomes because return to enjoying

25/50 and beneath: +165,055.94
50/100: +$85,760.59
100/200 ACR: +$70,102.42
100/200 WSOP: -$ / 366,955.90

Total: -$46,036Up 30 buyins

Doing this directly

— Doug”Truck Driver” Polk (@DougPolkVids) November 1, 2020