Closing 9 players of This 2020 WSOP No Limit Hold’em Main Event International Championship

The 2020 World Collection of Poker is days away from kicking from the Main Event International Final Table. The race has expired reside on Tuesday, December 15 in the King’s Casino at Rozvadov, Czech Republic. Only half of the last nine players will soon be attending . Because of Covid-19 limitations, China’s Peiyuan Sun”fish3098″ may not have the ability to earn the trip and will be the 9th place finisher.

The rest players are currently considering a minimal of US$ 109,982 nevertheless, all eyes have been on the US$ 1,550,968 initial decoration. The winner also improvements into the Heads Up World Championship for a last duel for its 2020 WSOP Main Event name, the WSOP championship gold necklace, and also the additional US$ 1,000,000 courtesy of Caesars Entertainment, Inc. and GGPoker.

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Here is a peek at the finalists, their accomplishments, and the way they secured their place in the forefront.

Closing 9 gamers:

Brunno Botteon p Albuquerque — Brazil — 10,317,743 — 51.6 BB

Brunno Botteon. Charge: Mundo Poker

nearing closing afternoon, Brazilian online ace Brunno Botteon p Albuquerque will take at the biggest heap of 10,317,743 (51.6 BB). That can be Botteon’s fourth largest WSOP final table look having attained three last summer in the 2020 WSOP Online Series in which he gathered a whopping US$ 1,105,562 over 15 occasions. Listed below are the biggest scores. Last week, Botteon additionally pulled five figure successes Sticking to US$ 61,629.77 in two occasions to the GG Network.

2020 WSOP Online revenue: US$ 1,105,562
Event #79: US$ 25,000 No Limit Hold’em Heads Up — 2/127 to get US$ 622,300 (biggest tournament money )
Event #70: US$ 25,000 NLH POKER PLAYERS CHAMPIONSHIP US$ 10M GTD — 6/407 to get US$ 388,837
Event #67: US$ 500 No Limit Hold’em — 2/706 to get US$ 41,855

Newest GG Network yells: US$ 61,629.77
December 6 — Sunday Forty Stack US$ 400 — 1/542 — US$ 35,984.97
December 7 — Top Rollers Main Event US$ 1,050 — 1/117 — US$ 25,644.80

Taking a peek at his reside sensed functionality, Botteon has made a commendable US$ 78,246 more than nine occasions with one little success in the R$ 3,000 Sweet set of Poker Knock Outside Turbo to get R$ 22,476 (~US$ 6,636). Together with his exceptionally strong showing last summer and closing 9 chip guide, Botteon is now in prime shape to send the Main Event for his very first WSOP title.

Set of 1″0 for processor chief Botteaon

Short glance at Botteon’s race into the Closing Table:

Botteon’s increase started at Level 5 if he got two dual installments to leap out of 83rd position to 12th position. At Level 12, he averted the railroad against Patrick Semrau”Pepsi_zero” with pocket Tens progressing to some place over pocket Queens to zoom into 3rd in chips. To select the lead for the very first time, Botteon railed Stas Tishkevich”EndersGame20″ (20th) using AKo over AQo. Ahead of the final table bubble exploded, Botteon refused Day 1C chip pioneer Senthuran Vijayaratnam”Prodigal Sen” at 11th location.

Manuel”robocup” Ruivo — Portugal — 6,213,759 — 31.1 BB

Manuel Ruivo. Charge: PokerStars

Qualifying into the Main Event using a US$ 1K Ultra Satellite, online ace Manuel”robocup” Ruivo” retains the flashlight for Portugal. He’s rated 2nd in chips having a big 6,213,759 heap. Composing live tournament earnings as 2013his efforts paid off in 2018 if he landed a fat paycheck values US$ 2,329,943 to a heads up bargain in the partypoker MILLIONS Online US$ 20M GTD. This remains his biggest score so far. That identical year he ran nicely on the dwell felt. He finished 6th from 7,361 in the 2018 WSOP US$ 1,500 Millionaire Maker to pocket US$ 230,120. Another major rating was to get US$ 130,391 in the 2018 Mid-States Poker Tour US$ 950 NLH 8-Max carrying 2nd over 881 runners. Last summer, Ruivo only missed the last table of this 2020 WSOP Online Series US$ 1,500 Millionaire Maker, finishing 10th from 6,299 entrants to get US$ 77,534. He’s ranked 13th at THM’s Portugal All Time Money List. He’ll be seeking to lock up his first WSOP name and deliver home the very first Main Event championship gold to his home nation.

Short glance in Ruivo’s race into the Closing Table:

Soon after the cash dipped, Ruivo zoomed into the top ranks by providing a dual bust that finished Cam Godin along with Jordan Knackstedt”saskprinter”. He afterwards added Sergio Aido and wheelspinner into the listing to procure a last 9 place rated 2nd in chips.

Damian Salas — Argentina — 5,653,528 — 28.3 BB

Damian Salas. Charge: CardPlayer Magazine

Ranked 3rd in processors is Argentinian pro Damian Salas, much the very accomplished reside tournament player of their last 9. Considering his very first money in 2009, Salas has collected US$ 2,687,964 in winnings. His biggest payout of US$ 1,425,000 constitutes more than half of the majority he earned in the 2017 WSOP Main Event for completing 7th. In the digital universe, Salas has also worked nicely. His biggest online score was for US$ 814,663, made September 2020 in the WPT World Online Championships US$ 10,300 No Limit Hold’em Main Event. Salas is now ranked 4th at THM’s Argentina All Time Money List. Before this 2020 WSOP Main Event he’s attained three WSOP final tables, but a WSOP name remains elusive. He expects to make home a third costume for Argentina and its original Main Event name.

Complete reside making: US$ 2,687,964
WSOP making: US$ 1,725,830
Internet: US$ 62,386
Live: US$ 1,648,584
2017 WSOP Main Event — 7/7,221 to get US$ 1,425,000 (biggest live money )
Biggest online money: 2019/2020 WPT World Online Championships US$ 10,300 No Limit Hold’em Main Event US$ 10M GTD — 3/1011 to get US$ 814,663
Biggest live triumph: Latin America Poker Tour VI — US$ 5,000 No Limit Hold’em Top Roller — 1/84 — US$ 107,800

Quad 3 is for Salas

Short watch in Salas’s race into the Closing Table:

Salas was observed rising up the rankings at Level 8 if he railed participant”Naaaturally”. Then he added gamers Antoine Saout,”itymnp”, JA_S-N-G-T, along with waterproo into the hit record. Down to two tables,” he also awakened with quads away Speiser then maintained another large pot from Ruivo to finish the day rated 3rd holding 5,653,528 (28.3 BB) in processors.

Marco”fullbabyfull” Streda — Liechtenstein — 4,232,560 — 21.2 BB

We now have the title of”fullbabyfull”, it’s Marco Streda, the only participant representing Liechtenstein. Streda made his Main Event ticket through a US$ 525 Super Satellite and expects to turn it to seven digits. Without a previous live stats available, Streda is unidentified at the live period. This could change come December 15 because he unites the finalists at Rozvadov rated 4th in processors with 4,232,560.

Considering registering on the GG system in mid-July 2020, Streda has made an amazing US$ 143,580. His biggest rating of US$ 11,650 was one of the Bounty King US$ 315 purchase in events ending 2nd from 315 entrants. Wherever Streda puts in Rozvadov, he’ll have made his biggest known tournament payout. If he chooses it all of the way, he’ll become the first player from Liechtenstein to acquire a WSOP name.

Short glance in Streda’s race into the Closing Table:

At Flat 8, Streda entered the large stack variety after railroad Promoking having Jacks turned complete residence. He finished off Thomas Boivin”MickeyM” afterward Day 1A chip pioneer Julian Menhardt”VWgunther” (24th), and also fellow countryman”t0602″ at 19th location. Before securing his place in the last 9, Streda proceeded to a crazy shove festival throughout the last two tables that caused a double around 21.2 BB.

Hannes”Dark Fortuna” Speiser — Austria — 3,515,744 — 17.6 BB

Hannes Speiser. Charge: PokerFirma

Ranked 5th is Austria’s sole agent, Hannes”Black Fortunal” Speiser, together with 3,515,744 in processors. Speiser was observed at several final tables during his career but just one in the WSOP which happened to be in last summer’s internet series. He finished 6th from 922 entrants in the US$ 1,500 No Limit Hold’em Asia Time Zone occasion, making a trendy US$ 43,518. In general, Speiser has accumulated US$ 105,193 in joint live and internet WSOP winnings because 2014. One of his current wins, Speiser sent the 2020 Caribbean Poker Party Heads Up Challenge for US$ 25,040. Wherever he puts, he’ll have made his single biggest known championship money. When he chooses it all of the way, it is going to function as Austria’s sixth necklace and WSOP Main Event name.

Straight above a series for Speiser

Short glance in Speiser’s race into the Closing Table:

Speiser stormed from the Day two dugout using a quick knock out from participant”kimokh”. At Level 3, then he did exactly the exact same to bracelet winner Alexandre Reard”STAY_HUNGRY” then only five places ahead of the cash, he refused the next bracelet winner, Sung Joo Hyun”ArtePokerTV”, hammering pros using a direct. In 53 staying, Speiser’s pocket Jacks lived overcards to divide into second in processors. He jumped into the shirt with pocket Tens directly to Chris Puetz’s set (hand over ).

Dominykas”Mickey Mouse” Mikolaitis — Lithuania — 3,165,440 — 15.8 BB

Ranked 6th is Lithuania’s Dominykas”Mickey Mouse” Mikolaitis using 3,165,440 in processors. Mikolaitis only came off a very powerful ending in the 2020 Caribbean Poker Party Main Event in partypoker carrying 3rd from 1,037 entrants to get a massive score values US$ 417,807. This over eclipsed his biggest WSOP money of US$ 87,793 that he earned in the 2020 WSOP Online Series US$ 1,500 GGMasters Freezeout US$ 2.5M GTD for finishing 2nd from 2,153 entrants.

About the dwell sensed, Mikolaitis’s largest known payout has been in the WSOP International Circuit 2018/2019 Playground Poker Canada C$ 5,300 Super High Roller, finishing 3rd from 75 entrants to get C$ 50,000 (~US$ 38,500). In case Mikoalitis takes it towards the very top, he’ll have attracted Lithuania its next costume and ever WSOP Main Event name.

Short watch at Mikolaitis”s race into the Closing Table:

Bringing in 22 BB from Day 1A, Mikolaitis came to radar at the late phases after grabbing a gutshot straight on the flip to remove Bela Toth”Teemo2018″. In addition, he drained out Patrick Semrau”Pepsi_zero”, also Evaldas Aniulis”Man14c”. In 11 staying, Mikolaitis almost missed his chance in the last table after falling to under 1 BB onto a shedding bud against Peiyuan Sun”fish3098″. Two dual ups afterwards, off both Brunno p Albuquerque, he procured a last 9 chair together with 15.8 BB.

Ramon”Ritza” Miguel Munoz — Spain — 3,035,940 — 15.2 BB

Ranked 7th is now Spain’s Ramon”Ritza” Miguel Munoz who obtained his Main Event ticket through a US$ 525 Mega Satellite. Munoz was cashing at live championships because 2013 and has accumulated US$ 673,718. His biggest payout was 135,000 (~US$ 158,829) earned in the 2017 PokerStars Championship Prague $ 2,200 No Limit HoldCeltics at which he finished 2nd from 427 entrants. Wherever he puts, Munoz would have won his biggest ever WSOP money. He’s seeking to combine Adrian Mateos at the exclusive WSOP Main Event winner ring waving the flag.

WSOP complete dwell bringing: US$ 23,292
WSOP Online complete earning: US$ 28,939

Short watch in Munoz”s rush into the Closing Table:

Entering Day two with a decent pile of 39 BB, Munoz pumped longer in later railing GROSZEK 5 at Grade 2. By Amount 7, Ritza had been at the top 10 but fell position until Level 13 if he doubled off Stoyan”UncleToni” Obreshkov on to select the lead for the very first time together with 21 remaining. From that point, he kept on for the next couple of hours to fasten a seat into the last table.

Stoyan”UncleToni” Obreshkov — Bulgaria — 2,119,610 — 10.6 BB

Stoyan Obreshkov. Charge: Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood Poker

Ranked 8th is Bulgarian ace Stoyan”UncleToni” Obreshkov using 2,119,610 in processors. Obreshkov boasts of US$ 1,213,101 at complete live earnings and is currently ranked 12th at THM’s Bulgaria All Time Money List. Regardless of the chip shortage, Obreshkov is just one serious competition with extensive WSOP expertise and many deep runs in the show adapting to 38 cashes because 2016. He attained two final tablesone in the 2018 WSOPE Main Event in which he put 9th. Together with Peiyuan”fish3098″ Sun not able to attendObreshkov has become sure to pocket his biggest ever WSOP score. He’s also seeking to follow fellow countryman Stoyan Madanzhiev’s footsteps and bring home a second Main Event name for Bulgaria.

WSOP complete reside making: US$ 422,884
WSOP Online complete earning: US$ 17,440

2018 $10,350 WSOPE Main Event — 9/534 for $75,461 (~US$ 85,868)
2016/2017 WSOP Circuit US$ 3,250 No Limit Hold’em Top Roller — 3/100 to get US$ 39,605
2017 $10,300 WSOPE Main Event — 21/529 for $31,337 (~US$ 36,460)

His biggest live money was in 2018 in the Seminole Hard Rock Open US$ 5,250 No Limit Hold’em ending 3rd out of 914 for US$ 349,889.

Short glance in Obreshkov’s race into the Closing Table:

Of the last 9, Obreshkov’d the very ground to make up with just 16.7 BB entering Day two. At Level 9, he appeared at the top 10 after winning a five-star bud that shipped Evgeny Galakhov”Antrevolt”. He afterwards added pleasehurtme, MoneyHeist, and Diego Zeiter”Ushuaia” into his casualty record, then doubled off Damian Salas in 15 remaining. Since the shortest of their last 8, Obreshkov will again need to make the rise, one he’s been demonstrated to be quite effective at.

Peiyuan”fish3098″ Sun — China — 9th location — US$ 73,359

China’s Peiyuan”fish3098″ Sun is the sole participant in the lineup representing that the Asian area however because of Covid-19 limitations, he won’t be making the visit into Rozvadov. As stated from the WSOP, almost any participant not able to attend the live part will automatically get the 9th place money. Sun will pocket US$ 73,359, that will be his sole biggest known career money. In an announcement made to PokerNews, Sun voiced:

“Primarily, I regret I cannot join in the off-the-shelf closing table at the Czech Republic on account of this COVID-19 pandemic. Hence, I absolutely cannot possibly be the winner of 2020 WSOP Main Event.”

“As an Chinese poker participant, to get to the last table, that is a really beneficial event for myself. Through this chance, I’d like to mention some thing to Texas holdCeltics gamers from China,’I expect they understand Texas holdBasketball is a mind game’. Hopefully, everybody studies difficult and understand the abilities so that everybody understands the danger and control the threat.”

Giving acknowledgment to Sunthis season has seen him win three occasions to the GG network. His biggest was in the WPT Vietnam Championship to get 1,406,243,558 (US$ 60,800). In addition, he won 2 Asian Poker Tour occasions May amounting to US$ 41,753

Short look at Sun’s race into the Closing Table:

Sun capable to Day Day two with a respectable pile of 57 BB. At 65 staying, he even caught a flush on the river to double up off Ruben Gravilen”Sjokomelk”. A hour and a half later, he appeared at the top 10 after railroad Rafael Reis at 38th location. Down to 13 players, Sun doubled off Carter Swidler subsequently proceeded to some swinging push parade against Brunno De Albuquerque and also Domynikas”MickeyMouse” Mikolaitis to shut with just under 11 BB.

Main Event information

The global 2020 WSOP Main Event — Natural8 brought 674 players around three beginning times to get a prize pool of US$ 6,470,40. 179 innovative to Day two with just 80 viewing a gain. The biggest reductions will be decided on Tuesday, December 15 in King’s Casino at Rozvadov.

Purchase at: US$ 10,000
Players: 674
Prize Pool: US$ 6,470,400
Day two qualifiers: 179
ITM: 80 areas

Closing Table payouts

1st US$ 1,550,968
2nd US$ 1,062,722
3rd US$ 728,177
4th US$ 498,947
5th US$ 341,879
6th US$ 234,255
7th US$ 160,512
8th US$ 109,982
9th Peiyuan”fish3098″ Sun — China — US$ 73,359

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Stay tuned to Somuchpoker to your last table recap of this 2020 WSOP Main Event International Championship.

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