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Two days at the Novels in the Natural8 — WSOP Super Circuit Online Series with Day 17 and Day 18 Finished.

USA’s Ian”potamophobia” Matakis crushed Ring #12: $800 Pot Limit Omaha Championship to catch his first WSOPC Ring. In the side matches, New Zealand’s David Yan banked six characters, Carter Swidler and David Coleman won his fourth, Connor Drinan sent two Day 18, Juan Pardo Dominguez and Natural8’s RUMUKULUS took their second down. We have got these results and recaps for you and a series upgrade.

Next opportunity in the shiners is that this weekend using 3 WSOPC Rings up for catches along with a joint US$ two Million in warranties. Up is Ring #13: $210 Bounty 6 Max No Limit HoldCeltics that occurs on May 22 in 18:05 UTC / May 23 in 02:05 HKT. This is followed closely by Ring $14: $77 77 LUCKY7’s No Limit HoldCeltics that occurs on May 23 in 18:05 UTC / May 24 in 02:05 HKT. Both events include a US$ 500,000 warranty. Day 1 flights are ongoing for Resident #15: $400 PLOSSUS, US$ 1 Million ensured. Day two will be on May 23 in 20:05 UTC / May 24 in 04:05 HKT.

Players may also begin securing their chairs to the festival highlight Ring #18: $525 MAIN EVENT, US$ 5 Million ensured. Day 1 flights operate every day leading up to Day two that will be on May 30 in 20:05 UTC / May 31 in 04:05 HKT. For in for much less, you will find a considerable number of tanks operating every day.

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WSOPC from the figures

Day 1 — 18 accumulative prize pool: US$ 62,778,642
Two figure trophy pools: 7 ring occasions, 7 side occasions
music awarded: 12
Negative events: 482
Total admissions: 488,666
Largest playoff ring occasion: RING Number 7: BIG 25 — 61,456 admissions
Biggest single day ring occasion: Ring # 2 10 $100 HUNDRED STACK — 8,404 admissions

Multiple Ring Event closing tables

Jonas”LobyPewis” Mackoff — 2
Claas Segebrecht — 2
TooStonedMonkey — 2
Tim”BeardOilGuy” Rutherford — 2

Most Negative occasion wins

Gianluca”Tankanza” Speranza — four
David Coleman — four
Carter Swidler — four

WSOP Circuit Ring winners

Ring Number 1: Bangshifu — China — US$ 147,012.67
Ring Number 2: James”PHJ10″ Carroll — USA — US$ 49,835.14
Ring Number 3: Mario Mosboeck — Austria — US$ 129,700.43
Ring Number 4: Uri”JimyT” Reichenstein — Israel — US$ 166,859.75
Ring Number 5: Jonas”LobyPewis” Mackoff — Canada — US$ 71,139.69
Ring Number 6: GangstaZab — Russia — US$ 133,179.80
Ring Number 7: Raggaz — New Zealand — US$ 145,994.01
Ring Number 8: Andres”chokitin” Korn — Argentina — US$ 163,388.73
Ring Number 9: Aleksey” somebody444″ Churbanov — Russia — US$ 69,142.65
Ring Number 10: David”Alw4ysinduc3″ Vinayagamoorthy — Norway — US$ 84,831.28
Ring Number 11: PDC Mayor — Mexico — US$ 330,506.72

RING Number 12: $800 PLO Championship — IAN”POTAMOPHOBIA” MATAKIS — US$ 87,386.17

Ian Matakis Poker 1Ian Matakis. Charge: WSOP / / PokerNews.com

The very first Pot Limit Omaha Ring Event happened on Day 18 using 669 light up the virtual felt. In US$ 800 buy each, it over double the promoted US$ 250K warranty to get a last prize pool of US$ 508,440. Holding it to the limitation was USA’s Ian”potamophobia” Matakis who removed four last table players to lock his first WSOP win along with also the coveted WSOPC Ring. In money, Matakis pocketed US$ 87,386.17 because of his biggest career WSOP payout. Recap below.

Purchase at: US$ 800
Warranty: US$ 250,000
Entries: 669
Prize pool: US$ 508,440
ITM: 98 areas
Running time: 2 hours and 41 minutes

Closing table payouts

1st Ian”potamophobia” Matakis — USA — US$ 87,386.17
2nd Majki365 — Slovakia — US$ 63,181.57
3rd Ludovic”Gr4vyB04t” Geilich — UK — US$ 45,681.50
4th Pwndidi — Austria — US$ 33,028.65
5th Natashenka — Russia — US$ 23,880.39
6th Tim”BeardOilGuy” Rutherford — Canada — US$ 17,265.98
7th Daniakak! ) — Slovenia — US$ 12,483.63

Notables at the currency: Gaurav”Haversham” Sood (9th), Joao Simao (10th), Joe”DietrichFats” Serock (12th), Justin”LappyPoker” Lapka (24th), Bernardo”GGeKKo” Dias (57th), Chris Moorman (64th), Chris Puetz (81st).

Event recap

Leading to the money around, a very long list of gamers fired numerous bullets with a few cashing in and a way away. Forking out the maximum was Norway’s Joachim”jochee” Haraldstad together with 10 buy-ins donated and walking out with no cover; fellow countryman Alfred Karlsson attained the cash in 34th area however with 8 bullets he also was at the red. In the last table, Ludovic”Gr4vyB04t” Geilich had been on his first time buy while ultimate winner Ian”potamophobia” Matakis was about his third party.

In 18 players potamophobia was riding up high top and held on till the last 2 tables. Action jumped, Joe”DietrichFats” Serock (12th) dropped to Gaurav”Haversham” Sood, UAE’s DaiMing141319 (11th) was booted alongside Majki365 scooping this up. The only Brazilian Joao Simao dropped a pricey showdown from Majki365 then busted up in 10th location. Austria’s”Pwndidi” finished off the short stacked Haversham at 9th place, also Turkey’s”yirtilco” overlooked the last table together with Slovenia’s Daniakak! Sending it.

Wsop Scos 1 1WSOP Super Circuit Online collection RING #12: $800 PLO Championship final table

The last table started with everybody gunning for their very first WSOP win. Pwndidi was chip leader, potamophobia rated second, also Canada’s Tim”BeardOilGuy” Rutherford rated first time was about his second table. The concluding race to the ring clocked at only one hour and an half. Daniakak! Was to proceed with potamophobia raking it all in. Daniakak! Was in on the flop QsJs10c9h draw, potamophobia AdAcKdQc, the board conducted outside 8s9s3d5h5d. Regardless of the early autumn, it was a fantastic afternoon for Daniakak! Using a WSOPC High Rollers side win in the 840 Bounty Warmup for another US$ 16.6K. In terms of potamophobia, it gave him the lead he never uttered.

Soon afterwards, potamophobia widened his lead after shaving a huge part of BeardOilGuy’s pile, then Pwndidi gathered the remainder. Subsequently on potamophobia’s chopping block has been Russia’s”Natashenka” (5th) to collect over half of the chips in playwith. Before falling into 4th place, Pwndidi compensated two dual installments, one per to Gr4vyB04t and Majki365, potamophobia chose the remainder with AdQd4h3h two group outdrawing QhQcJh6s, onto a plank 10h4sKc3s2c. Shoves were about the flop.

Wsop Scos 2 1WSOP Super Circuit Online Collection RING #12: $800 PLO Championship

Heads-up came in the autumn of Gr4vyB04t into Majki365. On a plank 2c2h5dKc8d, Gr4vyB04t’d AdKd8h4h 2 group, Majki365 AsQc10h2s trips) A few minutes later, the last hand has been tabled. Maji365 Js10h9d9c, potamophobia Kh10s7h4c, the last plank JhQs4h7sAd.

Two wins for Connor Drinan on Day 18

Connor Drinan PokerConnor Drinan. Charge: Paul Phua poker

USA’s Connor Drinan became the latest entry in the triple WSOPC facet winner winner record after sending two matches on Day 18. His wins were in large reels occasions. The very first one was 16 in the 3,150 Blade Bounty King, topping a field of 31 entrances, to get a US$ 38,949.22 payout. His most recent wins are given below.

WSOPC High Rollers: $1,050 Daily Heater HR [Bounty Turbo] — Day 18

Purchase at: US$ 1,050
Warranty: US$ 50,000
Entries: 67
Prize pool: US$ 67,000
ITM: 9 locations
Payout: US$ 16,053.65

WSOPC High Rollers: $2,625 Blade Closer — Day 18

Purchase at: US$ 2,625
Warranty: US$ 50,000
Entries: 36
Prize pool: US$ 90,000
ITM: 5 locations
Payout: US$ 29,359.14

Largest Negative occasion Winner

WSOPC High Rollers: $1,050 Sunday ME — Day 17

David Yan Champion Ept13 Malta Day3David Yan

Purchase at: US$ 1,050
Warranty: US$ 1,000,000
Entries: 1,075
Prize pool: US$ 1,075,000
ITM: 152 locations
Winner: DAVID YAN — New Zealand — US$ 151,298.44

Carter Swidler and David Coleman property fourth facet occasion triumph

Carter Swidler PokerCarter Swidler. Charge: Playground Poker Club

Canadian specialists Carter Swidler and David Coleman combined Gianluca”Tankanza” Speranza since the only players to send four WSOPC negative occasions. Swidler’s first two wins have been on Day two in the 250 Sunday Monster Stack for US$ 28,983.98 and also on Day 15 in the 315 Bounty King Circuit to get US$ 16,874.84. On Day 16he sent the WSOPC Series $300 Sunday Closer HR to get US$ 13,394.40, two weeks afterwards he took the $250 Daily Main to get US$ 22,596.33.

WSOPC Series: $250 Daily Main — Day 18

Purchase at: US$ 250
Warranty: US$ 100,000
Entries: 559
Prize pool: US$ 128,570
ITM: 80 locations
Payout: US$ 22,596.33

Have a peek at Coleman’s wins,” he sent his first Day 6 in the WSOPC High Rollers $1,500 Deepstack unique for US$ 24,553.13 subsequently won another occasion on Day 12 in the 2,625 Blade Mulligan to a flip together with Daniel Smiljkovic who had been ahead in the heads-up thing. On Day 14, Coleman maintained his third large rollers event in the 1,050 Daily Heater [Bounty Turbo] to get US$ 13,368.53. His most recent win was 17 in the 3,150 Blade Bounty King to get US$ 28,838.34.

WSOPC High Rollers: $3,150 Blade Bounty King — Day 17

Purchase at: US$ 3,150
Warranty: US$ 50,000
Entries: 21
Prize pool: US$ 63,000
ITM: 3 locations
Payout: US$ 28,838.34

Multiple Negative Event Winners

WSOPC Series: $210 Bounty — Day 17

Purchase at: US$ 210
Warranty: US$ 75,000
Entries: 548
Prize pool: US$ 109,600
ITM: 80 locations
Winner: RUMUKULUS — Germany — US$ 14,402.77

Second side occasion triumph for N8 — German participant”Rumukulus” on Day 17. He won his very first hand occasion on Day 14 in the WSOPC High Rollers $1,050 Thursday Thriller Bounty to get 56,582.22.

WSOPC Series: $250 Fifty Stack — Day 17

Juan Padro Dominguez Poker 1024x490Juan Pardo Dominguez. Charge: partypoker

Purchase at: US$ 250
Warranty: US$ 40,000
Entries: 215
Prize pool: US$ 49,450
ITM: 31 areas
Winner: JUAN PARDO DOMINGUEZ — Spain — US$ 10,514.67

Second occasion triumph for Juan Pardo Dominguez. He sent his initial on Day 4 in the WSOPC High Rollers $1,050 Daily Heater HR [Bounty Turbo] to get 18,269.33.

Asia Pacific — Side Event Winners

WSOPC Series: $100 Deepstack Particular — Day 18

Purchase at: US$ 100
Warranty: US$ 75,000
Entries: 1,136
Prize pool: US$ 104,512
ITM: 152 locations
Winner: Kou KUSH65 — Thailand — US$ 12,951.79
2nd Patrick”chrisbenoit” Brooks — England — US$ 13,013.71

Heads-up cope with Kou KUSH65 behind in the count. Kou KUSH65 proceeded to acquire it to get another side event triumph. This original was Day 12 in the WSOPC Series $25 Daily Mini Main Event for US$ 8,091.77.

WSOPC High Rollers: $1,500 Deepstack Particular — Day 18

Purchase at: US$ 1,500
Warranty: US$ 75,000
Entries: 79
Prize pool: US$ 112,575
ITM: 11 locations
Winner: HIGHTIGER — China — US$ 26,258.97

WSOPC Series: $105 Daily Heater [Bounty Turbo]

Purchase at: US$ 105
Warranty: US$ 40,000
Entries: 439
Prize pool: US$ 43,900
ITM: 60 locations
Winner: GGSIR — China — US$ 8,438.25

WSOPC Series: $50 Fifty Stack — Day 17

Purchase at: US$ 50,
Warranty: US$ 50,000
Entries: 1,239
Prize pool: US$ 56,994
ITM: 170 locations
Winner: SKIERS — Thailand — US$ 8,230.14

WSOPC Series: $105 Bounty Hunters PLO — Day 17

Purchase in: US$ 105
Warranty: US$ 20,000
Entries: 180
Prize pool: US$ 20,000
ITM: 26 locations
Winner: SHANGTOU — Hong Kong — US$ 4,621.91

WSOPC Series: $52.50 Deepstack Bounty Turbo — Day 17

Purchase at: US$ 52.50
Warranty: US$ 25,000
Entries: 510
Prize pool: US$ 25,500
ITM: 71 locations
Winner: DK888 — Japan — US$ 4,263.69

WSOPC Series: $15 Circuit Specific — Day 17

Purchase at: US$ 15
Warranty: US$ 20,000
Entries: 1,909
Prize pool: US$ 26,344.20
ITM: 278 locations
Winner: CCFLOPMILKISS — Hong Kong — US$ 3,550.15

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