Gambling Updates from California and Las Vegas

gambling news las vegas and california

The legal sports betting and casino landscape is always in flux. Ever since the 2018 PAPSA Supreme Court decision that opened up the possibility for states to legalize sports gambling, we have witnessed a patchwork unfold. You can check out our guide to legal betting sites by state. 

Here we have the latest updates from California, which will have a historic voter referendum on the ballot coming up. We also detail how Las Vegas is handling the explosion of legal gambling across the country, now that their monopoly has officially ended. 

Possible Expansion

Currently more than half of the states legalized local sportsbooks. State after state has been jumping on the sports betting and casino bandwagon. With so much potential tax revenue available for state coffers, it just makes sense. 

California will have a ballot initiative in 2022, which required a million signatures. A group of eighteen different tribes across the state of California was able to gather them as they look to expand their betting business.

Recently the Secretary of State of California announced that enough signatures had been collected putting it on the ballot in 2022.  Voters will be deciding whether to allow sports betting on California Tribal lands and also in licensed racetracks. It would also legalize dice and roulette games on tribal casinos, something that has been prohibited up to this point.

Right now, the best way to access sports betting for bettors in the Golden is through online sports betting sites. These have their servers outside of US territory, and are therefore not regulated by the state of California. 

A Rebound To Open the Summer

So much of the health of Las Vegas’s betting industry has been in the air since the 2018 Supreme Court’s PAPSA decision. They were heavily reliant on the monopoly that the Supreme Court struck down. No one knew if the tourists and bettors would find other places to go. 

So far, we have good news for Las Vegas: that does not seem to be the case. Because of the pandemic it has been hard to find direct comparisons. But now that things are opening up and people are traveling again, we have some real data with which to draw a conclusion. 

In 2019, in the spring before COVID-19, the combined two-month sports betting handle for Nevada was a huge $645 million. Of course during the height of the pandemic that figure fell to $56 million.

However, this year, the number was even higher than either of those figures. In April and May, the sports betting handle for Nevada was $901 million. That is nearly a 50% increase over two years ago.

Offshore Sportsbooks Remain Available

Under the current legal conditions in almost every state in the US, bettors residing there are free to use offshore sportsbooks. In fact, these often offer better deals than locally operated bookies. 

Even though the different places are famous for its brick and mortar casinos and sportsbooks, that does not mean you will have big issues accessing offshore bookies. 

Not only can you trust these sites, but they are the best options for online betting sites. They will have multiple deposit and payout options, as well as a lot of betting markets that matter most to US residents. You will be able to bet on the Las Vegas Raiders and other local favorite teams.

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