Festival ends in on US$ 150M assurance; Day 16 to 18 consequences; Stephen Chidwick, Matthias Eibinger, Francisco Benitez, along with Xuming Qi bag wins; Sami Kelopuro on his fourth — Somuchpoker

The GG Spring Festival 2021 is nearing its conclusion with 18 from this 22-day program in the tote. Together with the included GGSF Main Event- H 1,500 buy games yet to be performed the festival is obviously to demolish the guaranteed US$ 150 million warranty. Because it stands, US$ 141.2M has been paid off. Multiple entrance flights are continuing for its US$ 10 Million ensured NLHE event along with also the PLO-NL US$ 2.5 Million ensured occasion. Registration is open to your US$ 3,000,000 ensured Super MILLION$ with buy in US$ 10,300 and also for its US$ 1,500,000 ensured Bounty Hunters Main Event with buy in US$ 5,250.

One of the most recent first time champions were Stephen Chidwick, Matthias Eibinger, Francisco”VaPaCooler” Benitez, Xuming”scplayer” Qi, India’s”EasyShips”, along with Rodrigo Selouan who conquered GGSF Super MILLION$ ME-H winner Joakim Andersson in heads-up. Day 16 to 18 also observed Sami Kelopuro win another Super High Roller occasion due to his fourth triumph, Michael Watson sent two occasions, along with China player nicknamed”Joe Biden” refused Niklas Astedt a fourth triumph. We have got those tales for you and a lot more.

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Below are your Day 16, Day 17, along with Day 18 very best stories. )

Sami Kelopuro wins his next Super High Roller to get a gigantic US$ 572K

Ggsf 1 4GGSF H-84: $25,500 Super High Roller

The fifth installment of this US$ 25,500 Super High Roller occasion attracted the largest turnout of 99 entrances to break beyond the warranty to get a US$ 2,475,000 decoration pool. One of the 13 players who attained the cash, it had been Finland’s Sami Kelopuro who once more conquered the competition to grab US$ 572,003.82, the biggest first prize jackpot of all of the installments. This was Kelopuro’s fourth biggest win, linking Niklas Astedt, Lev”LevMeAlone” Gottlieb, also Tim”BeardOilGuy” Rutherford from the exclusive category. For instance Wei Zhao, the reduction still left him a handsome US$ 440,969.69 that was his biggest known career rating.

H-84: $25,500 Super High Roller

Warranty: US$ 2,000,000
Entries: 99
Prize pool: US$ 2,475,000
ITM: 13 areas

Closing table payouts

1st Sami Kelopuro — Finland — US$ 572,003.82
2nd Wei Zhao — China — US$ 440,969.69
3rd Isaac Haxton — USA — US$ 339,952.82
4th Nick Petrangelo — USA — 262,076.73
5th Mattias Eibinger — Austria — US$ 202,040.40
6th Benjamin Rolle — England — US$ 155,757.33
7th Thomas Muehloecker — Austria — US$ 120,076.60
8th Zhuang Ruan — Japan — US$ 92,569.58
9th Michael Watson — Canada — US$ 71,363.67

In only wins independently, Kelopuro has gathered US$ 1,417,190.60. Below are some his other triumphs:

H-49: $25,500 Super High Roller — US$ 520,003.49
H-59: $5,250 PLO-NL — US$ 135,998.08
H-68: $10,300 PLO-NL Bounty Hunter High Roller — US$ 189,185.21

The previous 3 times, Kelopuro cashed in 3 different occasions having a sixth place finish in the final Super High Roller occasion for US$ 151,037.41. Up to now, he’s accumulated over US$ 8.3 million in winnings over the GG network.

Stephen Chidwick Functions because of his very first festival triumph

It required ten heavy runs for England expert Stephen Chidwick to eventually claim a triumph in the collection. Together with five bullets fired in that H-93: $25,500 Super High Roller, Chidwick consented on a three dimensional deal with Daniel Dvoress and Nick Petrangelo subsequently reversed for rank and leaderboard points. Chip pioneer Chidwick won it brought home the bigger US$ 442,339.23.

Stephen Chidwick Australian Poker Open ATA 3524Stephen Chidwick. Credit: Foreign Poker Open

Purchase at: US$ 25,500
Warranty: US$ 2,000,000
Entries: 96
Prize pool: US$ 2,400,000
ITM: 13 areas

Closing table payouts

1st Stephen Chidwck — England — US$ 442,339.13*
2nd Daniel Dvoress — Canada — US$ 435,831.89*
3rd Nick Petrangelo — USA — US$ 433,757.56*
4th Mikita Badziakouski — Belarus — US$ 254,135.01
5th Stephen O”Dwyer — Ireland — US$ 195,917.96
6th Sami Kelopuro — Finland — US$ 151,037.41
7th Sam Greenwood — Canada — US$ 116,437.92
8th Samuel Vousden — Finland — US$ 89,764.44
9th Andras Nemeth — Hungary — US$ 69,201.13

This is the final Super High Roller occasion of its type using Ottomar Ladva, Dario Sammartino, along with Ronny Kaiser every single one, along with Sami Kelopuro promising two. To achieve the last three, Chidwick moved from smallest pile at six-handed to chip leader following removing Sunday Five Million winner Mikita Badziakouski at 4th location. The last few players tabled a few hands before choosing to cope. This really was Chidwick’s biggest livelihood GG community score that comes nowhere close the US$ 5.3 million that he won in the Triton Million for Charity event in August 2019. In addition, he includes a WSOP bracelet that he won at June 2019 in the US$ 25,000 Pot Limit Omaha High Roller 8-handed occasion.

The first time winners

H-88: $2,100 Bounty — FRANCISCO”VaPaCooler” BENITEZ — US$ 98,487.97

Fransisco Benitez Poker 1024x683Fransisco Benítez. Charge: partypoker LIVE

Following seven last table berths that comprised four runner-up endings, Uruguay’s Francisco”VaPaCooler” Benitez eventually landed a triumph. Playing mainly higher tier occasions together with the occasional large buy-in moderate grade, Benitez outlasted that the 259 entry area of this H-88: $2,100 Bounty occasion, beating Sergei Denisov in heads-up. He pocketed the US$ 35,284.33 initial decoration along with also a hefty US$ 63,203.14 in faculty rewards to get a joint US$ 98,487.97 money back. Based on some GG profile,” Benitez has accumulated US$ 3.1 million in winnings because his launch at 2019. His biggest GGSF score was in the H-06 $25,500 Sunday Five Million occasion at which he placed 3rd to get US$ 610,079.27. This over dwarfed his biggest live rating of US$ 89,903 that he made for finishing 3rd in the 2014 PCA US$ 5,300 No Limit Hold’em Turbo. Here are his additional closing table festival runs:

H-27: $2,100 Bounty — 2nd location — US$ 24,512.91
M-35: $1,050 PLO-NL — 2nd location — US$ 29,117.84
H-42: $2,100 Sunday Heater — 2nd location — US$ 45,241.30
H-50: $5,250 Half Cost Super Tuesday — 8th place — US$ 31,473.73
H-63: $525 Turbo — 2nd location — US$ 12,793.22
H-79: $1,050 High Rollers Main Event — 9th location — US$ 8,452.65

H-78: $2,100 PLO-NL Bounty

Warranty: US$ 150,000
Prize pool: US$ 268,000
ITM: 17 areas
Winner: SAMULI SIPILA — Finland — US$ 62,192.88

Ahead of the triumph, Samuli Sipila even reached the last table in four different events, specifically 3rd in M-25: $525 PLO-NL Bounty, 5th in H-35: $10,300 PLO-NL High Roller, 5th in M-59: $525 PLO-NL Bounty, also 6th in H-59: $5,250 PLO-NL Bounty. Following this triumph, he also missed another one in the H-91: $5,250 PLO-NL Bounty by a single place.

H-91: $5,250 PLO-NL Bounty

Warranty: US$ 300,000
Entries: 117
Prize pool: US$ 585,000
ITM: 17 areas
Winner: MATTHIAS EIBINGER — Austria — US$ 126,793.41

Ggsf 2 4GGSF H-91: $5,250 PLO-NL Bounty

L-83: $125 Super Tuesday

Warranty: US$ 250,000
Entries: 3,022
Prize pool: US$ 347,530
ITM: 503 areas
Winner: NoWomenNoCry — Cyprus — US$ 40,648.79

A well deserved initial success for Cyprus’s”NoWomenNoCry” who conquered a shortage in heads-up, calling two knock out shoves by Ramiro Petrone to finally capture the triumph. In the contrary envisioned above, Petrone pushed on the lake, NoWomenNoCry awoke for more than five minutes prior to calling everything. This is NoWomenNoCry’s very first festival closing table.

H-90: $1,050 6: Max

Warranty: US$ 250,000
Entries: 459
Prize pool: US$ 459,000
ITM: 63 areas
Winner: RODRIGO SELOUAN — US$ 89,423.59

Rodrigo Selouan conquered GGSF Super MILLION$ ME-H winner Joakim Andersson in heads-up. This is Selouan’s very first festival triumph. In addition, he finished 6th at occasions H-70: $2,100 Bounty and H-87: $1,050 High Rollers Main Event.

Asia Outcomes

H-86: $525 Forty Stack — XUMING”scplayer” QI — US$ 54,016.36

Xumming Qi PokerXumming Qi. Charge: PokerGuru.IN

Chinese large roller Xuming”scplayer” Qi defeated the 693 runners of this H-86: $525 Forty Prove occasion to send the US$ 54,016.36 original prize. This ranks next to his GG community cashes with his greatest of US$ 113,465 for 14th place in the WSOP 2020 Online $5,000 No Limit Hold’em Main Event. Qi is also a rather powerful live tournament participant with over US$ 1M in winnings. His main rating was to get US$ 212,098 in the Macau Poker Cup 26, finishing 2nd in the HK$ 80,000 Buy High heeled event.

multiple heavy conducts for Pulkit Goyal at Day 16

India’s Pulkit Goyal was popular on the search for his next triumph with gone the space on Day two in the H-17: $525 Turbo [6 Max] occasion. Ever since that time, he’s awakened a very long collection of cashes with multiple final table appearances. On Day 16, Goyal was on fire three final tables and a single 11th location.

H-81: $ 1,050 1,050 PLO-Nl — 4th location — US$ 16,730.83
H-82: $2,100 Bounty — 4th location — US$ 32,049.32
L-83: $125 Super Tuesday — 5th location — US$ 12,853.27
M-84: $2,625 High Roller — 11th location — US$ 7,072.56

Additional Asia Wins

H-94: $1,050 Deepstack Bounty Turbo

Warranty: US$ 150,000
Entries: 225
Prize pool: US$ 225,000
ITM: 31
Winner: Joe Biden — China — US$ 39,108.26

Joe Biden, to not be confused with the 46th US president, also conquered Niklas Astedt in heads-up to assert the US$ 15,669.77 first trophy also US$ 23,438.49 in college rewards. He refused Astedt a fifth festival success.

M-85: $52.50 Bounty Turbo 6: Max

Warranty: US$ 50,00
Entries: 1,682
Prize pool: US$ 84,100
ITM: 242 areas
Winner: EasyShips — India — US$ 7,895.67

M-77: $52.50 Bounty Hunters SE

Warranty: US$ 150,000
Entries: 4,091
Prize pool: US$ 204,550
ITM: 512 areas
Winner: pokerlijian — China — US$ 9,672.52

Multi Trainers

H-83: $10,300 Super Tuesday

Warranty: US$ 1,000,000
Entries: 182
Prize pool: US$ 1,820,000
ITM: 26 areas
Winner: MICHAEL WATSON — Canada — US$ 361,957.35

This is Michael Watson’s biggest win this show (occasion pictured below). The following dayhe sent the M-93: $2,625 High Roller for US$ 144,130.59, also back in Day he shot off the H-28: $1,050 High Rollers Main Event due to his initial triumph combined with US$ 52,176.54. He has three successes complete.

Ggsf 3 4GGSF H-83: $10,300 Super Tuesday

H-92: $10,300 Thursday Thriller Bounty

Warranty: US$ 1,000,000
Entries: 157
Prize pool: US$ 1,570,000
ITM: 20 areas
Winner: ARTUR MARTIROSYAN — Russia — US$ 326,273.34

This occasion resisted its one million warranty. Artur Martirosyan defeated Christian Rudolph at heads to maintain his next festival triumph (hand under ). His first was in the H-54: $1,050 High Roller Main Event for US$ 83,530.81.

Ggsf 4 3GGSF H-92: $10,300 Thursday Thriller Bounty

M-83: $1,050 Super Tuesday

Warranty: US$ 1,050 Super Tuesday
Entries: 707
Prize pool: US$ 707,000
ITM: 98 areas
Winner: CHRISTIAN RUDOLPH — Austria — US$ 93,834.96 (heads upward bargain )
2nd Bruno Volkmann — Brazil — US$ 100,700.48 (heads upward bargain )

Christian Rudolph missed two opportunities at a fourth triumph. He finished second in the H-89: $1,050 PLO-NL Bounty Hyper, breaking up to Amichai Barer to get US$ 16,504.57, also in the H-92: $10,300 Thursday Thriller Bounty decreasing to Artur Martirosyan up at heads where he made US$ 197,210.79 in joint rank decoration and faculty rewards (hand over ). Rudolph’s additional two wins were events H-27: $2,100 Bounty to get US$ 58,033.04 and M-27: $210 Bounty to get US$ 20,122.92.

H-89: $1,050 PLO-NL Bounty Hyper

Warranty: US$ 50,000
Entries: 121
Prize pool: US$ 121,000
ITM: 17 areas
Winner: AMICHAI BARER — Canada — US$ 23,797.95

This is Amichai Barer’s third triumph. As stated previously, he refused Austria’s Christian Rudolph in heads-up. His previous wins were in the M-67: $525 PLO-NL to get US$ 31,290.38 and M-35: $1,050 PLO-NL to get US$ 37,002.73.

M-87: $250 Daily Main Event

Warranty: US$ 250,000
Entries: 1,456
Prize pool: US$ 334,880
ITM: 233 areas
Winner: CourierGG — UK — US$ 38,703.17 (heads-up bargain )
2nd ohgd — Israel — US$ 38,840.65 (heads-up bargain )

This is CourierGG’s second triumph with his first in the L-30: $25 Hyper 6 Max to get US$ 3,597.81.

L-80: $5: ) Max

Warranty: US$ 15,000
Entries: 3,090
Prize pool: US$ 15,000 (US$ 786 overlay)
ITM: 503
Winner: foldnuttz — Brazil — 1,312.35 (three-way deal)
2nd C_R_E_A_M — Germany — US$ 1,455.55 (three-way deal)
3rd Gartman — Russia — US$ 1,291.14 (three-way deal)

This is foldnuttz’s second triumph having a primary on Day 13 in the L-63: $15 Turbo to get US$ 2,021.57. Foldnuttz overlooked a third win in the L-85: $5.25 Bounty Turbo [6 Max] finishing runner around participant”Toninhoo” to get US$ 911,06.

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