BIG 25 sets a listing 61,546 entrances; Russia’s”GangstaZab” along with New Zealand’s”Raggaz” lock WSOPC Rings; 3 unwanted wins for Alessandro Giannelli — Somuchpoker

Sunday night insanity at the Natural8 — WSOP Super Circuit Online Series 2021 reasoned with a crushing new record! RING #7: BIG 25 brought 61,546 admissions to over crush the former record held from the WSOP 2020 Online [International] BIG 50 occasion of 44,576 admissions. The night also generated two ring winners,” Russia’s”GangstaZab” along with New Zealand’s”Raggaz”, also Natural8 Team Hot Experts Phachara Wongwichit along with Pete Chen attained ring event final tables. In the side occasions, Italy’s Alessandro Giannelli took his third facet occasion while Jonah”RaiseUpBlind” Silverstein and Leocir”LeoJose” Cameiro sent six characters. We have got those outcomes for you along with several other highlights of Day 9.

So far, the show has paid over US$ 34.8 Million over 232 occasions (seven ring occasions, 225 side occasions ). Lots of money yet to be obtained together with 13 WSOP Circuit Rings up for grabs. Up is RING #8: 800 Deepstack No Limit Hold’em Championship. The match kicks off May 12 in 02:05 HKT. Several Day 1 flights will be runing every day to get Ring #11: $400 COLOSSUS, US$ 2.5 Million ensured.

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WSOPC from the amounts

Day 1 — 9 decoration pool: US$ 34,841,954
Two figure decoration pools: 5 ring occasions, 5 side occasions
music awarded: 7
Negative events: 225
Total admissions: 281,974
Most wins: Artur Martirosian along with Alessandro Giannelli — 3 side events
Most Ring Event closing tables — Claas Segebrecht — two final tables

WSOP Circuit Ring winners

Ring Number 1: Bangshifu — China — US$ 147,012.67
Ring Number 2: James”PHJ10″ Carroll — USA — US$ 49,835.14
Ring Number 3: Mario Mosboeck — Austria — US$ 129,700.43
Ring Number 4: Uri”JimyT” Reichenstein — Israel — US$ 166,859.75
Ring $5: Jonas”LobyPewis” Mackoff — Canada — US$ 71,139.69

RING Number 6: $365 GIANT — GANGSTAZAB — US$ 133,179.80

4,000 coaches took their shot RING #6: $365 GIANT No Limit HoldCeltics and only under 11 hours of drama, Russia’s”GangstaZab” clinched it to lock a WSOP Circuit Ring plus a trendy US$ 133,179.80. The winner’s identity remains unknown, but on the GG Network, GangstaZab is upward almost US$ 197K following this triumph. GangstaZab also cashed US$ 9,952.62 in Season #4: $800 No Limit Hold’em 6-Max Championship for 15th position and US$ 385.31 at sea #1: Super Circuit Kick Away for 851st spot.

Wsopsc 1 1WSOP Super Circuit Online collection RING #6:: $365 GIANT

Purchase at: US$ 365
Warranty: US$ 1,000,000
Entries: 4,000
Prize pool: US$ 1,372,400
ITM: 476 locations
Running period: 10 hours and 46 minutes

Closing table payouts

1st GangstaZab — Russia — US$ 133,179.80*
2nd Vlada”Vlada2108″ Stojanovic — Serbia — US$ 130,583.97*
3rd Mateusz”SsethTzeenta” Szymanski — Poland — US$ 105,192.51*
4th Ben Cade — Canada — US$ 97,183.81*
5th Federico”Th3Secr3t” Petruzzelli — Italy — US$ 53,917.17
6th Kyong Jun”mathouse” Lee — Hong Kong — US$ 40,432.21
7th Eder”BlueMoon” Campana — Brazil — US$ 30,319.85
8th Pete Chen — Taiwan — US$ 22,736.61
9th PrinceHamed — Brazil — US$ 17,050.10
*Four-way bargain, performed the Ring

Event Inspection

RING Number 6: $365 GIANT No Limit HoldCeltics has been the fifth ring occasion stretching a US$ 1 Million warranty. Together with 4,000 turning , it blew last to get a wealthier US$ 1,372,400 decoration pool. Payouts started at 476th location. Many prominent players conducted deep, one of people at the top 100 have been Natural8 Team Hot Guru Bryan Paris (30th), string ring winner James”PHJ10″ Carroll (39th), and Kevin Martin (59th).

top up to this last table, Bertrand”ElkY” Grospellier railed Luiz Duarte Ferreira (16th), Jun”yuecheng0618″ Fang pumped out Andorra’s”Pur3WiT” (15th) onto a three-way all-in, Federico”Th3Secr3t” Petruzzelli drained out Vlad Martynenko (14th), subsequently Eder”BlueMoon” Campana removed ElkY at 13th position with Ah4d directly over AsKc. GangstaZab combined the cleaning team by sending China’s”rocksoul” out second, Th3Secr3t booted yuecheng0618 (11th), the last table has been shaped in the autumn of string ring winner Jonas”LobyPewis” Mackoff at 10th spot to Vlada”Vlada2108″ Stojanovic. Mackoff was in with AdJh that overlooked Stojanovic’s KdKh.

Wsopsc 2 1WSOP Super Circuit Online collection RING #6: $365 GIANT closing table

The last table conducted for one hour and a half with each participant trying for their initial career ring. Th3Secr3t entered using a large direct of 106 bb, his nearest challenger had been Kyong Jun”mathouse” Lee using 67 bb, also in third position was Stojanovic together with 66 bb. To bulge the railroad had been Brazil’s PrinceHamed if Ben Cade’s AQo equally paired to dust nines. Natural8 Team Hot Guru Pete Chen piece it adjacent when Lee’s AJo discovered an Ace to float pocket eights. Ten minutes afterwards, GangstaZab delivered Campana into his knees AJo dominating A4o around to take the lead for the very first time.

Both busts were sent with Stojanovic — Lee tumbled in 6th place with As4s flush draw (in the flop) overlooking the markers against Stojanovic’s pocket Queens, also Th3Secr3t (5th) with AcJc top group Jack in the flop burned off from the lake King to enhance Stojanovic’s KhJd into 2 pair. A four-way bargain was subsequently attained with GangstaZab ensured the greatest pay. Play lasted to the WSOP Circuit Ring. GangstaZab awakened Ben Cade subsequently took it all again and again, Stojanovic refused Mateusz”SsethTzeenta” Szymanski using the latter pushing for most of his chips to the lake holding top group, only to collapse to excursions. This gave Stojanovic that a three bb direct at heads against GangstaZab. The two players tugged in the processor lead till GangstaZab landed a massive double sided KcQc directly over 4s4h onto a plank Kh10hJd9c2h. Up 8:1, GangstaZab secured it closed on another hand.

RING #7: BIG 25 — RAGGAZ — US$ 145,994.01

A new record has been established at RING #1: BIG 25 using a whopping 61,546 rotation upwards over a week of Day 1 flights. As mentioned previously, this over surpassed the previous record held from the WSOP 2020 Online Series [International] BIG 50 occasion of 44,576 admissions. 6,767 innovative to Day two, after 9 hours of drama, New Zealand’s”Raggaz” appeared poised to catch the WSOP Circuit Ring along with the handsome US$ 145,994.01 initial prize voucher. Raggaz additionally marketed 50 percent of the actions leading to seven quite happy stakers.

Wsopsc3WSOP Super Circuit Online collection RING #7: BIG 25

depending on the GG profile, Raggaz has numerous cashes on this website since mid April 2019 nevertheless up before this triumph, Raggaz was really on a sidewalk down US$ 73K. This triumph skyrocketed Raggaz nicely to the black finished US$ 70K.

Purchase at: US$ 25
Warranty: US$ 1,000,000
Entries: 61,546
Prize pool: US$ 1,415,558
Day two qualifiers: 6,767
ITM: 3,125 areas
Day two ) time: 9 hours

Closing table payouts

1st Raggaz — New Zealand — US$ 145,994.01
2nd Muusik — Estonia — US$ 109,465.95
3rd luckyboom1st — Russia — US$ 82,087.77
4th lleas — Norway — US$ 61,557.20
5th garaac — Brazil — US$ 46,161.21
6th Y Pashinskiy — Russia — US$ 34,616.21
7th Phachara Wongwichit — Thailand — US$ 25,958.43
8th Thomas”Flashguts513″ Lee — Canada — US$ 19,466.04
9th Jeff”shortguy99″ Giles — USA — US$ 14,597.48

Event Inspection

Not merely did the BIG 25 occasion establish a new area album, additionally, it conquered the US$ 1 Million warranty. From this 6,767 Day two qualifiers, 3,125 gamers got a bit of this US$ 1,415,588 decoration pool. One of the notables in the top 100 have been Nicolo Molinelli (99th), Fabrizio Gonzalez (89th), also Abhinav”OBellaCiao” Iyer (52nd). From the beginning of the past hour, the match turned into a crapshoot with 40 staying along with the typical pile at 15 bb. Busts were also rampant that forty-five minutes after, it had been down to the last 2 tables. Raggaz took the lead following railroad LeMagnifique (11th) with 9h9d place over AhQs subsequently Russia’s luckyboom1st stole it by booting Ukraine’s Richard”Neumanriel” Neumann at 10th spot with AJo dominating A7o.

Wsopsc4WSOP Super Circuit Online collection RING #7: BIG 25 last table

The last table started with”luckyboom1st” up high with 78 bb, the shortest was Natural8 Team Hot Guru Phachara Wongwichit using 9 bb, along with the average was in a far more usable 42 bb. Twelve minutes in, Brazil’s”garaac” drained out Jeff”shortguy99″ Giles with pocket Jacks on pocket eights. Next push saw Y Pashinskiy’s pocket nines upgrade into a place to steer clear of the railing contrary to Muusik’s pocket Kings. Not so blessed for Thomas”Flashguts513″ Lee who dropped to Phachara at 8th spot, then twenty minutes after, it had been Phachara who discovered himself out from luckyboom1st.

Down to 6 playersbut Muusik had the”Deal” flag upward. Raggaz and Muusik started their ascent. Raggaz doubled off Ileas with AcKh over AhJh onto a plank 8h7h7sKc4s, Muusik removed Y Pashinskiy with AhKd restraining As8c. Now, luckyboom1st was chip leader before Muusik railed garaac. At four staying, Raggaz landed up another double with luckyboom1st paying upwards. Raggaz needed 8d8s put over luckyboom1st AsQd onto a plank 2c8hAc10d2h. Raggaz took the lead onto a winning directly (no push ) JdKh on Muusik’s Qh7c top set on a plank Qd9d2hJc10d. Muusik recovered a number of the missing chips by completing Ileas (4th) with pocket eights controlling pocket sixes.

Using just three abandoned, the players seemed in the figures. Raggaz diminished, which in hindsight was an excellent choice. Raggaz jumped to stand up well over half of the chips in play also utilized it to push at just about any hand. This fast drained both competitions. Raggaz removed luckyboom1st (3rd) using AJo beating A7o, then sent it after a single heads-up hands against Muusik. The last hand was Raggaz 8s8h over KdJc which overlooked.

Day 9 — Side Event large winners

WSOPC High Rollers: $5,250 Bounty Hunters SHR 500K

Purchase at: US$ 5,250
Warranty: US$ 500,000
Entries: 110
Prize pool: US$ 550,000
ITM: 15 locations
Winner: JONAH”RaiseUpBlind” SILVERSTEIN — Canada — US$ 131,775.92

WSOPC Series: $525 Bounty Hunters Main Event

Purchase at: US$ 525
Warranty: US$ 1,000,000
Entries: 2246
Prize pool: US$ 1,123,000
ITM: 313 locations
Winner: LEOCIR”LeoJose” CAMEIRO — Brazil — US$ 108,997.14
2nd jomud9ahsorjai — Hong Kong — US$ 60,590.80

Multiple Negative Event Winners

WSOPC Series: $315 Sunday Bounty King PLO

Alessandro Giannelli PokerAlessandro Giannelli. Charge:

Purchase at: US$ 315
Warranty: US$ 50,000
Entries: 198
Prize pool: US$ 59,400
ITM: 27 areas
Winner: ALESSANDRO GIANNELLI — Italy — US$ 9,068.10

With this triumph, Alessandro Giannelli became the second player to bag three WSOPC unwanted events, linking Artur Martirosian from the exclusive listing. Giannelli won his initial on Day 1 in the 50 Day Saver occasion for US$ 4,515.75 afterward another one about Day 5 in the 525 Bounty Hunters PLO to get US$ 9,609.13.

WSOPC Series: $300 Sunday Marathon HR

Purchase at: US$ 300
Warranty: US$ 150,000
Entries: 731
Prize pool: US$ 203,949
ITM: 98 locations
Winner: GIANLUCA”Tankanza” SPERANZA — Italy — US$ 31,793.98

on his third thing, Gianluca”Tankanza” Speranza sent his next side occasion. His first triumph was on launching in the 315 Sunday Bounty King PLO to get US$ 14,151.57.

WSOPC High Rollers: $3,150 Blade Bounty King

Purchase at: US$ 3,150
Warranty: US$ 75,000
Entries: 34
Prize pool: US$ 102,000
ITM: 5 locations
Winner: RAMIRO PETRONE — Uruguay — US$ 45,218.63

It is Ramiro Petrone’s next triumph. He won his initial on Day 6 in the WSOPC High Rollers $3,150 Blade Bounty King occasion for US$ 22,640.70.

Day 9 — Asia Pacific — Side Event Winners

WSOPC Series: $125 Sunday Kick Away

Purchase at: US$ 125
Warranty: US$ 100,000
Entries: 1219
Prize pool: US$ 140,185
ITM: 170 locations
Winner: TILTJAM — India — US$ 20,241.82
2nd goodboy77 — Hong Kong — US$ 15,208.74

WSOPC High Rollers: $840 Bounty Warmup

Purchase in: US$ 840
Warranty: US$ 100,000
Entries: 160
Prize pool: US$ 128,000
ITM: 23 locations
Winner: BAOBAOJUN2 — China — US$ 26,200.26
2nd railroad gun — China — US$ 121,287.41

WSOPC High Rollers: $,1050 Daily Main

Purchase in: US$ 1,050
Warranty: US$ 200,000
Entries: 222
Prize pool: US$ 222,000
ITM: 31 locations
Winner: FANTA11 — Hong Kong — US$ 41,381.06*
2nd Johnathan”Resolve” French — Canada — US$ 41,221.08*
*Heads-up bargain

WSOPC Series: $300 Sunday Closer HR

Purchase in: US$ 300
Warranty: US$ 40,000
Entries: 199
Prize pool: US$ 55,521
ITM: 27 locations
Winner: THELUCKSTER — Japan — US$ 13,029.45

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